[Release] CashShopServer By [KG] links V1.00.03


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Apr 27, 2008
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Hello everyone.
I'm links
This CashShopServer is made by me.
V1.00.03 fix some problem.
I test it with Chs 1.02V and 1.02W and 1.02D+ client
it have no problem.
if you find out problems ,
please post.

Sorry for my bad English.

Download: http://rapidshare.com/files/153553238/CashShopServer.zip.html


Good Luck.
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ма тва кво е некъв уеб ли кво е ?
is that a web or ?
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cashshop server program , this will add a private shop to your server , for buy items or others
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How it works ?

ERROR: [55821] port is bind the service failure ...

And nothing happens :happy:
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Well this dont have shop it depend if your server support cashshop ;) if it support then in -game pres "X" key and u will see the field with the shop :)
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да определено не си сигурен :) значи може да се ползва на всякъде стига да има кой да го направи.. но предимно cashshop сървъра е по chinese.. файловете kor протокол няма cashshop сървър..имат нещо подобно , но вариянти всякакви.. иначе ако ще да ползвате cashshop по-добре направо свалете сезон 2 english protocol GMO на Shatter и с неговия cashshop и сте ток.. няма да се занимавате с глупости и със сигурност неговия работи добре.. а и файловете са доста добри
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