[Guide] Cabal Online Player Guide - Guide to Dex Blader


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May 27, 2009
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Cabal Online Player Guide - Guide to Dex Blader

1~10: Pure questing, aiming for growth lvl and extra stats go for next tier of armor.
Skills~ Target apprentice asap, once apprentice is reached ( due to grinding or so ) focus on equipement/cash grinding which shouldn?t take long.
- skills you use at this point are reasonably useless.
10~20: Same as above, try and put any extra stats at 1/3 int and 2/3 dex.
20~30: Grinding is still rare, yet you should find decent gear through these lvls. Same as the previous lvl, keeping your mind on your growth lvl.
30~40: Make sure you have full +3 skill exp gear ( includes amulets/Rings/armor/weapons ) money spent at this point isn?t a waste, you earn loads at higher lvls. Any low/med upgrade cores for aramid/shadowsteel/... tier should be used on your adept since you will be using this for some time.
- You should have reached mid-high regular here.
40~50: Make sure you have your growth lvl. Extra stats go dex completely. Armor should be getting up to +3/4 full, and weapons to at least +5. Make sure that through these lvls you make the expert rank ( 51-52 is acceptable ).Grinding is off the essence.
Save up all your crafting required items ( shadowsteel, aramid, ... ) You will need it later on.
50~55: Lvl up your crafting to full 100% in all, sell your pink items for 35-40k each, which should sell FAST. ( open up a shop and restock every 20 minutes ). Grind on port lux mobs and hold all discs/cartridges you find for future crafting/trading for other materials.
Money should be flying in, so stop focusing on that, and break up all your bluestin for materials.
55~60: Make the growth goal, put rest in dex. Make sure you hit high expert, lvl up your self buffs ( after getting fighting skills to 9 ) unlearn all skills you don?t use. Start saving up some money for a.expert skills.
- Avoid pvp for now, test your combos on some friends nonetheless, you?ll need to master comboing for the future.
60~65: Lvling shouldn?t get to hard, pump your str ~ dex on a 1-3 ratio. Find the fastest AoE mob you can find without taking to high damage and save up materials. Save up cores for titanium armor. You should have a cape by now, if not, don?t worry, your iron skin covers your hp and defence. You should hit a.expert around 64-65 if you grind enough.
65~70: Stop pumping into str when you have about 195 of it, and put remainder in dex. Skills should be on a.expert, raise them to 40 when you reach 70 and you should be ok. Get some force absorb rings + force regen amulet for pvping, get a strong +2-3 titanium set ( if slotted use force cores for HP implementation on armor ~ boots, use crit damage on swords ~ random lvl 2 on helmet ~ random lvl 2 on gloves. ) Start going for bluestin crafting, sell each pink piece for around 350-400k, hold purple ones for yourself or your guild, you don?t want these in other?s hands, the faster you hit master, the better, so slowing others down wont hurt you.
- Test yourself against equal players, you should be able to beat most, if not, they probably have a.master skills, or you don?t have the right equipement ( e.g: capeless or lower lvl cape )
70~75: Pump str to 210-15 and put the rest in dex, master swords should cover to titanium +5 suit. Ranking magic should cover katanas. Get better equipement, and raise your skills to master~a.master and focus on comboing

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