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Apr 13, 2008
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Here is the BMD List (u don't know how much sweat fell from me when writing this and making 40 tests with 3 types of clients and servers... ^^)
BMD List --> what BMD what Item is, so u could rename the BMD files from my skins to change an old item (expect soon a Guide how to make the skins new items!)

Ето го и BMD листът (нямате си представа колко пот падна от мен, когато го писах това и направих над 40 теста с 3 различни сървър и клиент файлове... ^^)
BMD Лист --> Кой BMD файл, кой итем е, за да можете да преименувате BMD файловете на мойте скинове за да смените стар итем (Очаквайте скоро Guide как да ги аднете като нови итеми!)

So... The Guide
For example u like the 'Boss Set', u download it and now what? Well... It's actualy very easy, when u extract the archive u got 5 .BMD Files and 3 .OZJ Files! The BMD files contain the form of the skins and the OZJ - the textures. So if u want to replace 'Brass Set' with 'Boss Set', just rename only the .BMD files (of the Boss Set) with the Brass Set's ones (under this Guide - the .BMD List) and put the new files (including the .OZJ - without renaming them) in 'Data\Player'! It will ask for replace 5 times, press Ok For All, ofc ^^ Don't rename the .OZJ files, cuz the main.exe calls the items (BMD Files) from Data\Player (and other folders) and those .BMD Files call the .OZJ Files as named in them! It's the same operation with any other item

Сега... Гайдът
Например ако ви харесва 'Boss Set', сваляте го и сега какво? Е... Всъщност е много лесно, когато екстрактнете архива, излизат 5 .BMD файла и няколко .OZJ файла! BMD файловете съдържат 3D формата на скиновете, а OZJ - текстурите. Така че ако искате да замените 'Brass Set' с 'Boss Set', просто преименувате само .BMD файловете (на Boss Set) с тези на Brass Set (под този Guide е BMD листа) и сложете новите файлове (включително и .OZJ файловете - без да ги преименувате) в 'Data\Player'! Ще ви пита за замяна на файлс 5 пъти, цък Ok For All, разбира се ^^ Не преименувайте .OZJ файловете, защото main.exe call-ва итемите (BMD файловете) от Data\Player (и др папки), а тези .BMD файлове call-ват .OZJ файловете, както са им имената! Операцията е същата с какъвто и да е друг итем

Finaly, here is the BMD List:
Накрая, ето го и BMD Листът:

Data/Player (Sets)

before Season 1 sets:
Boots/Pants/Gloves/Helm/ArmorElf01.bmd - vine set
Boots/Pants/Gloves/Helm/ArmorElf02.bmd - silk set
Boots/Pants/Gloves/Helm/ArmorElf03.bmd - wind set
Boots/Pants/Gloves/Helm/ArmorElf04.bmd - spirit set
Boots/Pants/Gloves/Helm/ArmorElf05.bmd - guardian set
Boots/Pants/Gloves/Helm/ArmorMale01.bmd - bronze set
Boots/Pants/Gloves/Helm/ArmorMale02.bmd - dragon set
Boots/Pants/Gloves/Helm/ArmorMale03.bmd - pad set
Boots/Pants/Gloves/Helm/ArmorMale04.bmd - legendary set
Boots/Pants/Gloves/Helm/ArmorMale06.bmd - leather set
Boots/Pants/Gloves/Helm/ArmorMale07.bmd - scale set
Boots/Pants/Gloves/Helm/ArmorMale08.bmd - sphi*keiksmai* set
Boots/Pants/Gloves/Helm/ArmorMale09.bmd - brass set
Boots/Pants/Gloves/Helm/ArmorMale10.bmd - plate set
Boots/Pants/Gloves/Helm/ArmorMale16.bmd - storm crow set
Boots/Pants/Gloves/Helm/ArmorMale17.bmd - black dragon set
Boots/Pants/Gloves/Helm/ArmorMale18.bmd - dark phoenix set
Boots/Pants/Gloves/Helm/ArmorMale19.bmd - grand soul set
Boots/Pants/Gloves/Helm/ArmorMale20.bmd - divine set
Boots/Pants/Gloves/Helm/ArmorMale20test.bmd - divine set set
Boots/Pants/Gloves/Helm/ArmorMale21.bmd - thunder set
Boots/Pants/Gloves/Helm/ArmorMale22.bmd - great dragon set
Boots/Pants/Gloves/Helm/ArmorMale23.bmd - dark soul set
Boots/Pants/Gloves/Helm/ArmorMale24.bmd - hurricane set
Boots/Pants/Gloves/Helm/ArmorMale25.bmd - red spirit set
Boots/Pants/Gloves/Helm/ArmorMale26.bmd - light plate set
Boots/Pants/Gloves/Helm/ArmorMale27.bmd - adamantine set
Boots/Pants/Gloves/Helm/ArmorMale28.bmd - dark steel set
Boots/Pants/Gloves/Helm/ArmorMale29.bmd - dark master set

Season 1 sets:
HDK_Boots/HDK_Pants/HDK_Gloves/HDK_Helm/HDK_ArmorMale01 - Dragon Knight set
HDK_Boots/HDK_Pants/HDK_Gloves/HDK_Helm/HDK_ArmorMale02 - Venom Mist set
HDK_Boots/HDK_Pants/HDK_Gloves/HDK_Helm/HDK_ArmorMale03 - Sylpid ray set
HDK_Boots/HDK_Pants/HDK_Gloves/HDK_Helm/HDK_ArmorMale04 - Volcano set
HDK_Boots/HDK_Pants/HDK_Gloves/HDK_Helm/HDK_ArmorMale05 - Sunlight set

Season 2 sets:
CW_Boots/CW_Pants/CW_Gloves/CW_Helm/CW_ArmorMale01 - Ashcrow set
CW_Boots/CW_Pants/CW_Gloves/CW_Helm/CW_ArmorMale02 - Eclipse set
CW_Boots/CW_Pants/CW_Gloves/CW_Helm/CW_ArmorMale03 - Iris set
CW_Boots/CW_Pants/CW_Gloves/CW_Helm/CW_ArmorMale04 - Valiant set
CW_Boots/CW_Pants/CW_Gloves/CW_Helm/CW_ArmorMale05 - Glorious set

Season 3 sets:
coming soon summoner's sets.....

Data/Skills (Skills)
Poison - Poison01.bmd
Ice - Ice01.bmd
Evil Spirit - Laser01.bmd
Hell Fire - Circle01.bmd
Inferno - Inferno01.bmd
Aqua Beam - Blizzard.bmd
Blast or Cometfall - Blast01.bmd
Meteor - Meteor01.bmd
Fire ball - Fire01.bmd
Twister - Storm01.bmd
Power Wave - Magic01.bmd

Data/Item (Wings)
wing01.bmd - wings of elf
wing02.bmd - wings of satan
wing03.bmd - wings of heaven
wing04.bmd - wings of spirit
wing05.bmd - wings of soul
wing06.bmd - wings of dragon
wing07.bmd - wings of darkness
wing08.bmd - Wings of Storm (s3) - 3rd wing of BM
wing09.bmd - Wings of Vortex (s3) - 3rd wing of GM
wing10.bmd - Wings of Illusion (s3) - 3rd wing of HE
wing11.bmd - Wings of Doom (s3) - 3rd wing of DM
wing42.bmd - Wings of Despair (s3 ep2) - 1st wing of Summoner
wing43.bmd - Wings of Catastrophe (s3 ep2) - 2nd wing of Summoner

Data/Item (Staffs)
Staff01.bmd ~ Skull staff
Staff02.bmd ~ Angelic Staff
Staff03.bmd ~ Serpent Staff
Staff04.bmd ~ Lightning Staff
Staff05.bmd ~ Gordon Staff
Staff06.bmd ~ Legendary Staff
Staff07.bmd ~ Resurrection Staff
Staff08.bmd ~ Crystal Staff
Staff09.bmd ~ Unicorn Staff
Staff10.bmd ~ Crystal Staff
Staff11.bmd ~ Divine Staff of Archangel
Staff12.bmd ~ Kundun Staff
HDK_Staff.bmd ~ Grand Viper Staff
CW_Staff.bmd ~ Plasma Wing Staff

DATA/ITEM (Swords)
Sword01.bmd ~ Kris
Sword02.bmd ~ Short Sword
Sword03.bmd ~ Rapier
Sword04.bmd ~ Katana
Sword05.bmd ~ Sword of Assassin
Sword06.bmd ~ Blade
Sword07.bmd ~ Gladius
Sword08.bmd ~ Falchion
Sword09.bmd ~ Serpent Sword
Sword10.bmd ~ Sword of Salamander
Sword11.bmd ~ Light Saber
Sword12.bmd ~ Legendary Sword
Sword13.bmd ~ Heliacal Sword
Sword14.bmd ~ Double Blade
Sword15.bmd ~ Lightning Sword
Sword16.bmd ~ Giant Sword
Sword17.bmd ~ Sword of Destruction
Sword18.bmd ~ Dark Breaker
Sword19.bmd ~ Thunder Blade
Sword20.bmd ~ Divine Sword of Archangel
Sword21.bmd ~ Knight blade
Sword22.bmd ~ Dark Reign Blade
Sword32.bmd ~ Rune Blade
HDK_Sword.bmd ~ Bone Blade
HDK_Sword2.bmd ~ Blade of Explorer/Blade of Explosion
CW_Sword.bmd ~ Daybreak
CW_Sword2.bmd ~ Blade of Fire

Data/Item (Spears)
Spear01.bmd - Light Spear
Spear02.bmd - Spear
Spear03.bmd - Dragon Lance
Spear04.bmd - Great Trident
Spear05.bmd - Serpent Spear
Spear06.bmd - Double Poleaxe
Spear07.bmd - Halberd
Spear08.bmd - Berdysh
Spear09.bmd - Great Scythe
Spear10.bmd - Bill of Balrog
Spear11.bmd - Dragon Spear

Data/Item (Bows)
Bow01.bmd = Short Bow
Bow02.bmd = Bow
Bow03.bmd = Elven Bow
Bow04.bmd = Battle Bow
Bow05.bmd = Tiger Bow
Bow06.bmd = Silver Bow
Bow07.bmd = Chaos Nature Bow
Bow18.bmd = Celestial Bow
Bow19.bmd = Divine Crossbow of Archangel
Bow20.bmd = Arrow Viper Bow
HDK-BoW.bmd = Slyph Wind Bow
CW-Bow.bmd = Albatross Bow

Data/Item (Crossbows)
Crossbow01.bmd = CrossBow
CrossBow02.bmd = Golden Crossbow
Crossbow03.bmd = Alquebus
Crossbow04.bmd = Light Crossbow
Crossbow05.bmd = Serpent Crossbow
Crossbow06.bmd = Bluewing Crossbow
Crossbow07.bmd = Aquagold Crossbow
Crossbow17.bmd = Saint Crossbow
Crossbow20.bmd = Great Reign Crossbow

Data/Item (Axes)
Axe01.bmd = Small Axe
Axe02.bmd = Hand Axe
Axe03.bmd = Double Axe
Axe04.bmd = Tomahawk
Axe05.bmd = Fairy Axe
Axe06.bmd = Battle Axe
Axe07.bmd = Nikea Axe
Axe08.bmd = Larkan Axe
Axe09.bmd = Crescent Axe

Data/Mace (Maces and Scepters)
Mace01.bmd = Mace
Mace02.bmd = Morning Star
Mace03.bmd = Flail
Mace04.bmd = Great Warhammer
Mace05.bmd = Crystal Morning Star
Mace06.bmd = Crystal Sword
Mace07.bmd = Chaos Dragon Axe
Mace08.bmd = Elemental Mace
Mace09.bmd = Battle Scepter
Mace10.bmd = Master Scepter
Mace11.bmd = Great Scepter
Mace12.bmd = Lord Scepter
Mace13.bmd = Great Lord Scepter
Mace14.bmd = Mace of King
HDK_Mace.bmd = Solei Scepter
CW_Mace.bmd = Shining Scepter

Data/Skill (Pets)
rider01.bmd - unicorn
rider02.bmd - dinorant
fenril_blue.bmd - blue fenrir
fenril_red.bmd - red fenrir
fenril_black.bmd - black fenrir
darkhorse.bmd - dark horse

Data/Monster (Monsters)

monster01 = Bull Fighter/ Elite Bull Fighter / Poison Bull
monster02 = Hound/Hell Hound
monster03 = Budge Dragon
monster04 = Dark Knight
monster05 = Lich/Thunder Lich
monster06 = Giant

monster07 = Larva
monster08 = Ghost
monster09 = Hell Spider
monster10 = Spider
monster11 = Cyclops
monster12 = Gorgon/Death Gorgon

monster13 = Yeti
monster14 = Elite Yeti
monster15 = Assassin
monster16 = Ice Monster
monster17 = Hommerd
monster18 = Worm
monster19 = Ice Queen

monster20 = Goblin / Elite Goblin
monster21 = Chain Scorpion
monster22 = Beetle Monster
monster23 = Hunter
monster24 = Forest Monster
monster25 = Agon
monster26 = Stone Golem

Lost Tower:
monster27 = Devil
monster28 = Balrog/Metal Balrog
monster29 = Shadow/Poison Shadow
monster30 = Death Knight
monster31 = Death Cow

monster32 = Golden Dragon - Devias, Lorencia, Noria
monster33 = Bali
monster34 = Bahamut/Great Bahamut
monster35 = Vepar
monster36 = Valkyrie/Silver Valkyrie
monster37 = Lizard King
monster38 = Hydra
monster39 = Sea Worm

monster40 = Zaikan
monster41 = Soldier
monster42 = Iron Wheel
monster43 = Tantalos
monster44 = Bloody Wolf
monster45 = Beam Knight / Death Beam Knight
monster46 = Mutant

Blood Castle:
monster47 = Orc Archer (Devil Square and Blood Castle)
monster48 = Elite Orc (Devil Square) / Orc Warrior (Blood Castle)
monster49 = Cursed King

monster50 = Molt/Dinorant - Arena or something...

monster51 = Alquamos
monster52 = Queen Rainier
monster53 = Mega Crust/Alpha Crust
monster54 = Phantom Knight
monster55 = Drakan/Great Drakan
monster56 = Phoenix of Darkness
monster57 = Phoenix of Darkness Shield (the person who rides the phoenix)

Blood Castle(again):
monster58 = Spirit Knight
monster59 = Spirit Beast
monster60 = Elite Orc (Blood Castle)
monster61 = Archangel Statue
monster62 = Blood Castle Gate
monster63 = Spirit Sorcerer

monster64 = Death Angel
monster65 = Kundun
monster66 = Blood Soldier
monster67 = Aegis
monster68 = Lord Centurion
monster69 = Necron
monster70 = Schriker

monster71 = Guardsman knight
monster72 = Guardsman archer

monster73 = White Wizard - Lorencia, Devias, Noria

Castle Siege:
monster74 = Castle Siege Gate
monster75 = Guardian statue
monster77 = Archer NPC
monster78 = Spearman NPC
monster79 = Castle Gate
monster80 = Dragon Tower

Land of Trials
monster82 = Lizard Warrior
monster83 = Fire Golem
monster84 = Queen Bee
monster85 = Poison Golem
monster86 = Axe Warrior
monster87 = Life stone
monster88 = Erohim

monster90 = Balgass
monster91 = Balgass
monster92 = Balram
monster93 = Dark Elf
monster94 = Death Spirit
monster95 = Solam
monster96 = Werewolf
monster97 = Bow Scout
monster98 = Lance Scout
monster99 = Hammer Scout
monster100 = Balista

monster101 = Witch Queen
monster102 = Blue Golem
monster103 = Death Rider
monster104 = Forest Orc
monster105 = Death Tree
monster106 = Hell Maine

monster107 = Berserk
monster108 = Splinter Wolf
monster109 = Iron Rider
monster110 = Satyros
monster111 = Blade Hunter
monster112 = Kentauros
monster113 = Gigantis
monster114 = Genocider
monster115 = Persona
monster116 = Twin Tail
monster117 = Dreadfear
monster118 = Nightmare
monster119 = Blue Hand of Maya
monster120 = Red Hand of Maya
monster122 = Nightmare
Monster123 = KeysSMonster

Data/Player (Characters)
Armor/Pant/Glove/Helm/BootClass01 = Dark Wizard
Armor/Pant/Glove/Helm/BootClass02 = Dark Knight
Armor/Pant/Glove/Helm/BootClass03 = Fairy Elf
Armor/Pant/Glove/Helm/BootClass04 = Magic Gladiator
Armor/Pant/Glove/Helm/BootClass05 = Dark Lord
Armor/Pant/Glove/Helm/BootClass201 = Soul Master
Armor/Pant/Glove/Helm/BootClass202 = Blade Knight
Armor/Pant/Glove/Helm/BootClass203 = Muse Elf
Armor/Pant/Glove/Helm/BootClass301 = Grand Master(s3)
Armor/Pant/Glove/Helm/BootClass302 = Blade Master(s3)
Armor/Pant/Glove/Helm/BootClass303 = High Elf(s3)
Armor/Pant/Glove/Helm/BootClass304 = Duel Master(s3)
Armor/Pant/Glove/Helm/BootClass305 = Lord Emperor(s3)
Armor/Pant/Glove/Helm/BootClass306 = Summoner (from s3 episode 2)

OZJ and OZT Files:

Transparency Files:
hide.OZJ Blank1.jpg
hide22.OZJ Blank2.jpg
hide_m.OZJ Blank3.jpg

Player Base Skins:
skin_barbarian_01.OZJ Player01.jpg (DW)
skin_wizard_01.OZJ Player02.jpg (DK)
skin_warrior_01.OZJ Player03.jpg (Elf)
skin_special_01.OZJ Player04.jpg (MG)
level_man02.OZJ Player05.jpg (DL)
level_man022.OZJ Player06.jpg (SM)
level_man01.OZJ Player07.jpg (BK)
level_man033.OZJ Player08.jpg (ME)
skin_archer_01.OZJ Player09.jpg (Elf2)
hair_R.OZJ Player_H.jpg (DL Hair)

upper_02_m.OZJ ArmorA01.jpg (Bronze)
upper_02b_m.OZT ArmorA01.tga (Bronze)
upper_03_m.OZJ ArmorA02.jpg (Red Dragon)
lower_03b_m.OZT ArmorA02_P.tga (Red Dragon) (Copied)
upper_04_m.OZJ ArmorA03.jpg (Pad)
upper_13m.OZJ ArmorA04.jpg (Legendary)
upper_06.OZJ ArmorA05.jpg (Bone)
upper_07_m.OZJ ArmorA06.jpg (Leather)
upper_08_m.OZJ ArmorA07.jpg (Scale)
upper_09_m.OZJ ArmorA08.jpg (Sphi*keiksmai*)
upper_09b_m.OZT ArmorA08.tga (Sphi*keiksmai*)
upper_10_m.OZJ ArmorA09.jpg (Brass)
boots_10b.OZT ArmorA09_B.tga (Brass) (Copied)
upper_11.OZJ ArmorA10.jpg (Plate)
upper_14.OZT ArmorA16.tga (Storm Crow)
upper_bd.OZJ ArmorA17.jpg (Black Dragon)
lower_bd.OZT ArmorA17.tga (Black Dragon) (Not Copied - Only Used Here)
upper_bld.OZJ ArmorA18.jpg (Dark Phoenix)
lower_bld.OZT ArmorA18.tga (Dark Phoenix) (Not Copied - Only Used Here)
upper_14m.OZJ ArmorA19.jpg (Grand Soul)
upper_E1.OZT ArmorA20_OLD.tga (Divine) (Inactive)
upper_E1Test.OZJ ArmorA20.jpg (Divine2)
upper_14.OZT ArmorA21.tga (Thunder Hawk)
upper22.OZJ ArmorA22.jpg (Great Dragon)
boots22.OZJ ArmorA22_B.jpg (Great Dragon) (Copied)
pants22.OZT ArmorA22.tga (Great Dragon) (Not Copied - Only Used Here)
upper_15m.OZJ ArmorA23.jpg (Dark Soul)
mg_jacket.OZT ArmorA24.tga (Hurricane)
FArmor.OZJ ArmorA25.jpg (Nature)
upper_17.OZJ ArmorA26.jpg (Light Plate)
lower_17.OZJ ArmorA26_P.jpg (Light Plate) (Copied)
upper_18.OZJ ArmorA27.jpg (Adamantine)
Kupp.OZJ ArmorA28.jpg (Dark Steel)
Klpp.OZJ ArmorA28_P.jpg (Dark Steel) (Copied)
KSup.OZJ ArmorA29.jpg (Dark Master)
KSup2.OZT ArmorA29.tga (Dark Master)
KSlp.OZJ ArmorA29_P.jpg (Dark Master) (Copied)
upper_04.OZJ ArmorB01.jpg (Vine)
upper_07.OZJ ArmorB02.jpg (Silk)
upper_09.OZJ ArmorB03.jpg (Wind)
upper_10c.OZJ ArmorB04.jpg (Spirit)
lower_9c.OZT ArmorB04_X.tga (Spirit) (Copied)
upper_03.OZJ ArmorB05.jpg (Guardian)
blackd****r_upper.OZJ ArmorC01.jpg (Dragon Knight)
blackd****r_lower.OZJ ArmorC01_P.jpg (Dragon Knight) (Copied)
cobraset_upper_s.OZJ ArmorC02.jpg (Venom)
cobraset_lower_s.OZJ ArmorC02_P.jpg (Venom) (Copied)
cobraset_glove_s.OZJ ArmorC02_G.jpg (Venom) (Copied)
upper_s.OZJ ArmorC03.jpg (Sylpid Ray)
upperta_s.OZT ArmorC03.tga (Sylpid Ray)
sal_s.OZJ ArmorC03_X.jpg (Sylpid Ray) (Copied)
hoblinset_upper.OZJ ArmorC04.jpg (Volcano)
hoblinset_glove.OZJ ArmorC04_G.jpg (Volcano) (Copied)
hoblinset_lower.OZJ ArmorC04_P.jpg (Volcano) (Copied)
dark400_upper.OZJ ArmorC05.jpg (Sunlight)
dark400_lower.OZJ ArmorC05_P.jpg (Sunlight) (Copied)
darknight_upper.OZJ ArmorD01.jpg (Ashcrow)
darknight_lower.OZJ ArmorD01_P.jpg (Ashcrow) (Copied)
rhchupper.OZJ ArmorD02.jpg (Eclipse)
richlower.OZJ ArmorD02_P.jpg (Eclipse) (Copied)
richcrystal.OZJ ArmorD02_X.jpg (Eclipse)
armor_upper.OZJ ArmorD03.jpg (Iris)
forest_b1.OZJ ArmorD03_X1.jpg (Iris) (Not Copied - Only Used Here)
forest_b2.OZJ ArmorD03_X2.jpg (Iris) (Copied)
flamset_upper.OZJ ArmorD04.jpg (Valiant)
flamset_head.OZJ ArmorD04_H.jpg (Valiant) (Not Copied - No MG Helm)
dark350_upper.OZJ ArmorD05.jpg (Glorious)

boots_02.OZJ BootsA01.jpg (Bronze)
boots_03.OZJ BootsA02.jpg (Red Dragon)
boots_04.OZJ BootsA03.jpg (Pad)
boots_04b.OZT BootsA03.tga (Pad)
boots_13m.OZJ BootsA04.jpg (Legendary)
boots_06.OZJ BootsA05.jpg (Bone)
boots_07.OZJ BootsA06.jpg (Leather)
boots_08.OZJ BootsA07.jpg (Scale)
boots_09.OZJ BootsA08.jpg (Sphi*keiksmai*)
boots_10.OZJ BootsA09.jpg (Brass)
boots_10b.OZT BootsA09.tga (Brass)
boots_11.OZJ BootsA10.jpg (Plate)
boots_14.OZT BootsA16.tga (Storm Crow)
boots_bd.OZJ BootsA17.jpg (Black Dragon)
boots_bld.OZJ BootsA18.jpg (Dark Phoenix)
boots_14m.OZJ BootsA19.jpg (Grand Soul)
boots_E1.OZJ BootsA20_OLD.jpg (Divine) (Inactive)
boots_E1Test.OZJ BootsA20.jpg (Divine2)
lowerTest_R.OZJ BootsA20_X.jpg (Divine2) (Copied)
boots_15.OZT BootsA21.tga (Thunder Hawk)
boots22.OZJ BootsA22.jpg (Great Dragon)
boots_15m.OZJ BootsA23.jpg (Dark Soul)
mg_boots.OZT BootsA24.tga (Hurricane)
Fboots.OZJ BootsA25.jpg (Nature)
boots_17.OZJ BootsA26.jpg (Light Plate)
boots_18.OZJ BootsA27.jpg (Adamantine)
Kbpp.OZJ BootsA28.jpg (Dark Steel)
KSbp.OZJ BootsA29.jpg (Dark Master)
boots_04c.OZJ BootsB01.jpg (Vine)
boots_04b.OZT BootsB01.tga (Vine) (Copied from Pad?)
boots_c07.OZJ BootsB02.jpg (Silk)
boots_09c.OZJ BootsB03.jpg (Wind)
boot_10c.OZJ BootsB04.jpg (Spirit)
boots_10.OZJ BootsB04_2.jpg (Spirit)
lower_09c.OZT BootsB04_X.tga (Spirit) (Copied)
boots_03b.OZJ BootsB05.jpg (Guardian)
blackd****r_boots.OZJ BootsC01.jpg (Dragon Knight)
cobraset_boots_s.OZJ BootsC02.jpg (Venom)
boots_s.OZJ BootsC03.jpg (Sylpid Ray)
hoblinset_boots.OZJ BootsC04.jpg (Volcano)
boots.jpg BootsC05.jpg (Sunlight?)
darknight_boots.OZJ BootsD01.jpg (Ashcrow?)
richboots.OZJ BootsD02.jpg (Eclipse?)
armor_legs.OZJ BootsD03.jpg (Iris)
forest_legs.OZJ BootsD03_2.jpg (Iris)
flamset_boots.OZJ BootsD04.jpg (Valiant?)
dark350boots.OZJ BootsD05.jpg (Glorious?)

gloves_02.OZJ GlovesA01.jpg (Bronze)
gloves_03.OZJ GlovesA02.jpg (Red Dragon)
gloves_04.OZJ GlovesA03.jpg (Pad)
gloves_13m.OZJ GlovesA04.jpg (Legendary)
gloves_06.OZJ GlovesA05.jpg (Bone)
gloves_07.OZJ GlovesA06.jpg (Leather)
gloves_08.OZJ GlovesA07.jpg (Scale)
gloves_09.OZJ GlovesA08.jpg (Sphi*keiksmai*)
gloves_10.OZJ GlovesA09.jpg (Brass)
boots_10b.OZT GlovesA09_B.tga (Brass) (Copied)
gloves_11.OZJ GlovesA10.jpg (Plate)
gloves_14.OZT GlovesA16.tga (Storm Crow)
gloves_bd.OZJ GlovesA17.jpg (Black Dragon)
gloves_03.OZJ GlovesA17_2.jpg (Black Dragon) (Copied from RD?)
gloves_bld.OZJ GlovesA18.jpg (Dark Phoenix)
gloves_14m.OZJ GlovesA19.jpg (Grand Soul)
gloves_E1.OZJ GlovesA20_OLD.jpg (Divine) (Inactive)
gloves_E1Test.OZJ GlovesA20.jpg (Divine2)
lowertest_R.OZJ GlovesA20_X.jpg (Divine2) (Copied)
gloves_15.OZT GlovesA21.tga (Thunder Hawk)
glove22.OZJ GlovesA22.jpg (Great Dragon)
gloves_15m.OZJ GlovesA23.jpg (Dark Soul)
mg_arm.OZT GlovesA24.tga (Hurricane)
Fglove.OZJ GlovesA25.jpg (Nature)
gloves_17.OZJ GlovesA26.jpg (Light Plate)
gloves_18.OZJ GlovesA27.jpg (Adamantine)
Kgpp.OZJ GlovesA28.jpg (Dark Steel)
KSgp.OZJ GlovesA29.jpg (Dark Master)
gloves_04c.OZJ GlovesB01.jpg (Vine)
gloves_c07.OZJ GlovesB02.jpg (Silk)
gloves_09c.OZJ GlovesB03.jpg (Wind)
gloves_10c.OZJ GlovesB04.jpg (Spirit)
lower_09c.OZT GlovesB04_X.tga (Spirit) (Copied)
gloves_03b.OZJ GlovesB05.jpg (Guardian)
blackd****r_gloves.OZJ GlovesC01.jpg (Dragon Knight)
cobraset_gloves_s.OZJ GlovesC02.jpg (Venom)
gloves_s.OZJ GlovesC03.jpg (Sylpid Ray)
hoblinset_gloves.OZJ GlovesC04.jpg (Volcano)
dark400_gloves.OZJ GlovesC05.jpg (Sunlight)
darknight_gloves.OZJ GlovesD01.jpg (Ashcrow)
richgloves.OZJ GlovesD02.jpg (Eclipse)
armor_arm.OZJ GlovesD03.jpg (Iris)
forest_h1.OZJ GlovesD03_2.jpg (Iris) (Not Copied - Only Used Here)
flamset_glove.OZJ GlovesD04.jpg (Valiant)
dark350gloves.OZJ GlovesD05.jpg (Glorious)

head_02.OZJ HelmA01.jpg (Bronze)
head_03.OZJ HelmA02.jpg (Red Dragon)
head_04.OZJ HelmA03.jpg (Pad)
head_13m.OZJ HelmA04.jpg (Legendary)
head_06.OZJ HelmA05.jpg (Bone)
head_a06.OZT HelmA05.tga (Bone)
head_07.OZJ HelmA06.jpg (Leather)
head_08.OZJ HelmA07.jpg (Scale)
head_09.OZJ HelmA08.jpg (Sphi*keiksmai*)
head_09b.OZT HelmA08.tga (Sphi*keiksmai*)
head_10.OZJ HelmA09.jpg (Brass)
head_11.OZJ HelmA10.jpg (Plate)
guard_hair.OZT HelmA10.tga (Plate)
(No HelmA16 for MG)
head_bd.OZJ HelmA17.jpg (Black Dragon)
head_bld.OZJ HelmA18.jpg (Dark Phoenix)
head_14m.OZJ HelmA19.jpg (Grand Soul)
head_E1.OZJ HelmA20_OLD.jpg (Divine) (Inactive)
head_E1Test.OZJ HelmA20.jpg (Divine2)
lowertest_R.OZJ HelmA20_X.jpg (Divine2) (Copied)
(No HelmA21 for MG)
head22.OZJ HelmA22.jpg (Great Dragon)
boots22.OZJ HelmA22_B.jpg (Great Dragon) (Copied)
head_15m.OZJ HelmA23.jpg (Dark Soul)
head_13m.OZT HelmA23.tga (Dark Soul)
(No HelmA24 for MG)
FHelm.OZJ HelmA25.jpg (Nature)
FShoots_R.OZJ HelmA25_X.jpg (Nature) (Copied)
head_17.OZJ HelmA26.jpg (Light Plate)
Hair_R.OZJ HelmA26_H.jpg (Light Plate) (Copied)
head_18.OZJ HelmA27.jpg (Adamantine)
Hair_R.OZJ HelmA27_H.jpg (Adamantine) (Copied)
Kmpp.OZJ HelmA28.jpg (Dark Steel)
Hair_R.OZJ HelmA28_H.jpg (Dark Steel) (Copied)
KShp.OZJ HelmA29.jpg (Dark Master)
Hair_R.OZJ HelmA29_H.jpg (Dark Master) (Copied)
head_a01.OZJ HelmB01.jpg (Vine)
head_a02.OZJ HelmB02.jpg (Silk)
head_a03.OZJ HelmB03.jpg (Wind)
head_a04.OZJ HelmB04.jpg (Spirit)
head_a05.OZJ HelmB05.jpg (Guardian)
blackd****r_head.OZJ HelmC01.jpg (Dragon Knight)
cobraset_head_s.OZJ HelmC02.jpg (Venom)
cobraset_hair.OZT HelmC02_H.tga (Venom)
helmet_s.OZJ HelmC03.jpg (Sylpid Ray)
(No HelmC04 for MG)
dark400_helmet.OZJ HelmC05.jpg (Sunlight)
Hair_R.OZJ HelmC05_H.jpg (Sunlight) (Copied)
darknight_head.OZJ HelmD01.jpg (Ashcrow)
darknight_face.OZJ HelmD01_2.jpg (Ashcrow)
richhelmet.OZJ HelmD02.jpg (Eclipse)
richfama.OZT HelmD02.tga (Eclipse)
richface.OZJ HelmD02_2.jpg (Eclipse)
armor_helmet.OZJ HelmD03.jpg (Iris)
(No HelmD04 for MG)
dark350helmet.OZJ HelmD05.jpg (Glorious)
Hair_R.OZJ HelmD05_H.jpg (Glorious) (Copied)

head_02.OZJ Mask01.jpg (Copied from Bronze)
Hair_R.OZJ Mask01_H.jpg (Copied)
head_07.OZJ Mask06.jpg (Copied from Leather)
Hair_R.OZJ Mask06_H.jpg (Copied)
head_08.OZJ Mask07.jpg (Copied from Scale)
Hair_R.OZJ Mask07_H.jpg (Copied)
head_10.OZJ Mask09.jpg (Copied from Brass)
Hair_R.OZJ Mask09_H.jpg (Copied)
helm_11.OZJ Mask10.jpg (Copied from Plate)
Hair_R.OZJ Mask10_H.jpg (Copied)

lower_02_m.OZJ PantsA01.jpg (Bronze)
lower_03_m.OZJ PantsA02.jpg (Red Dragon)
lower_04_m.OZJ PantsA03.jpg (Pad)
lower_04b_m.OZT PantsA03.tga (Pad)
lower_04c.OZT PantsA03_2.tga (Pad)
lower_13m.OZJ PantsA04.jpg (Legendary)
lower_13m.OZT PantsA04.tga (Legendary)
lower_06.OZJ PantsA05.jpg (Bone)
lower_a06.OZT PantsA05.tga (Bone)
lower_07_m.OZJ PantsA06.jpg (Leather)
lower_08_m.OZJ PantsA07.jpg (Scale)
lower_09_m.OZJ PantsA08.jpg (Sphi*keiksmai*)
upper_09c.OZT PantsA08.tga (Sphi*keiksmai*) (Not Copied - Only Used Here)
lower_10_m.OZJ PantsA09.jpg (Brass)
lower_10b.OZT PantsA09.tga (Brass)
lower_11.OZJ PantsA10.jpg (Plate)
lower_14.OZT PantsA16.tga (Storm Crow)
lower_bd.OZJ PantsA17.jpg (Black Dragon)
lower_bld.OZJ PantsA18.jpg (Dark Phoenix)
lower_14m.OZJ PantsA19.jpg (Grand Soul)
lower_14m.OZT PantsA19.tga (Grand Soul)
lower_14m.OZJ PantsA19_OLD.jpg (Grand Soul) (Copied, Inactive)
lower_14m.OZT PantsA19_OLD.tga (Grand Soul) (Copied, Inactive)
lower_E1.OZT PantsA20_OLD.tga (Divine) (Inactive)
lower_E1Test.OZJ PantsA20.jpg (Divine2)
lowerTest2_R.OZJ PantsA20_2.jpg (Divine2) (Copied)
lower_15.OZT PantsA21.tga (Thunder Hawk)
upper_15.OZT PantsA21_A.tga (Thunder Hawk) (Copied)
pants22.OZJ PantsA22.jpg (Great Dragon)
lower_15m.OZJ PantsA23.jpg (Dark Soul)
lower2_15m.OZT PantsA23.tga (Dark Soul)
mg_under.OZT PantsA24.tga (Hurricane)
FPants01.OZJ PantsA25.jpg (Nature)
FPants02.OZJ PantsA25_2.jpg (Nature)
FShoots_R.OZJ PantsA25_X.jpg (Nature)
lower_17.OZJ PantsA26.jpg (Light Plate)
lower_18.OZJ PantsA27.jpg (Adamantine)
Klpp.OZJ PantsA28.jpg (Dark Steel)
KSlp.OZJ PantsA29.jpg (Dark Master)
lower_04.OZJ PantsB01.jpg (Vine)
lower_04b.OZT PantsB01.tga (Vine)
lower_07.OZJ PantsB02.jpg (Silk)
lower_07.OZT PantsB02.tga (Silk)
lower_09.OZJ PantsB03.jpg (Wind)
lower_09b.OZT PantsB03.tga (Wind)
lower_10c.OZJ PantsB04.jpg (Spirit)
lower_03.OZJ PantsB05.jpg (Guardian)
lower_03b.OZT PantsB05.tga (Guardian)
blackd****r_lower.OZJ PantsC01.jpg (Dragon Knight)
cobraset_lower_s.OZJ PantsC02.jpg (Venom)
lower_s.OZJ PantsC03.jpg (Sylpid Ray)
lowerta_1.OZT PantsC03.tga (Sylpid Ray)
sal_s.OZJ PantsC03_X.jpg (Sylpid Ray) (Copied)
hoblinset_lower.OZJ PantsC04.jpg (Volcano)
dark400_lower.OZJ PantsC05.jpg (Sunlight)
darknight_lower.OZJ PantsD01.jpg (Ashcrow)
richlower.OZJ PantsD02.jpg (Eclipse)
armor_skirt.OZJ PantsD03.jpg (Iris)
forest_b2.OZJ PantsD03_2.jpg (Iris) (Copied)
flamset_lower.OZJ PantsD04.jpg (Valiant)
dark350lower.OZJ PantsD05.jpg (Glorious)

DarklordRobe.OZT Referenced in Main - Capes Texture
kaa.OZT Referenced in Main - Capes Texture
Robe01.OZJ Referenced in Main - Capes Texture
Robe02.OZJ Referenced in Main - Capes Texture
Robe03.OZT Referenced in Main - Capes Texture

RedDragonT.OZJ Helper Texture

dark350cape.OZJ Not Used in /Player or Main
dark400_boots.OZJ Not Used in /Player or Main
devil_wing.OZT Not Used in /Player or Main
E_head.OZT Not Used in /Player or Main
elfin_wing.OZJ Not Used in /Player or Main
flamset_wing.OZJ Not Used in /Player or Main
FShoots.OZT Not Used in /Player or Main
glove.OZJ Not Used in /Player or Main
head.OZJ Not Used in /Player or Main
hoblinset_head.OZJ Not Used in /Player or Main
khair.OZT Not Used in /Player or Main
lower_03b_m.OZT Not Used in /Player or Main
lower_07c.OZT Not Used in /Player or Main
lower_E1.OZJ Not Used in /Player or Main
pants02.OZT Not Used in /Player or Main
pants.OZJ Not Used in /Player or Main
skin_E1.OZJ Not Used in /Player or Main
skin_ff.OZJ Not Used in /Player or Main
upper.OZJ Not Used in /Player or Main
upper_E1.OZJ Not Used in /Player or Main

Data/NPC (NPC bmds w/o names): coming soon....names
MixNpc01.bmd - Chaos Machine
Model_Npc_Catapult_Att.bmd - (Attack) Catapult when Castle Siege
Model_Npc_Catapult_Def.bmd - (Defense) Catapult when Castle Siege
NpcCrown.bmd - Crown in Castle Siege
NpcGateSwitch.bmd - switches to open the gates in Loren Valley
Sevine01.bmd - Priest Sevina
Sto****01.bmd - Baz the Vault Keeper

I'm sorry if there are any gramatical misstakes (im so sleepy...) ^^
Съжалявам ако има някакви граматически грешки (доста ми се спи...) ^^
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Мда това е много полезно ;]
1post updated:
- Added the Guide (replacing an old with a new item), as i promissed ya ;)
Bmd едитор за сезон2 може ли някой да помогне да намеря?
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Забелязах, че ReaL е забравил да постне БМД кодовете за Щитове и си позволих аз да го постна.

Data/Item (shields)
Shield01 du_shield1 Round Shield
Shield02 du_shield2 Horn Shield
Shield03 shield02 Kite Shield
Shield04 shield07.ozt shield07 Fairy's Shield
Shield05 shield03 Buckler
Shield06 shield_a_01 shield_a_02 Dragon Slayer Shield
Shield07 shield04.ozt shield04 Skull Shield
Shield08 shield05 Spike Shield
Shield09 shield06 Tower Shield
Shield10 hound_shield1.ozt Plate Shield
Shield11 hound_shield2 Big Round Shield
Shield12 shield08 shield082 Serpent Shield
Shield13 shield09 shield092 Bronce Shield
Shield14 shield10 shield102 Choas Dragon Shield
Shield15 shield11.OZT shield11_a Legendary Shield
shield16 jh03.OZT jh01 MMsSs_r Grand Soul Shield
shield17 WDn.OZT WD_R wdn_R WD_a Elemental Shield

Надявам се, че са ви полезни :)

Кирилизирано от Xaphan. Моля те пиши на кирилица :D
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Омг кво му е сложното ... теглиш си някой скин , избираш някой сет да го заместиш , да речем Leather и в скина има 5 или повече файлове от който 5 задължителни са за Leather ArmorMale06 BootMale06 GloveMale06 PantMale06 HelmMale06 следователно 5-те файла от скина ги преименуваш и ги заместваш с останалите и готово ... по просто немога да го обясня
Thanks,very very useful :nod:

Girl01.bmd - Potion Girl
ElfMerchant01 - Eo the craftsman (Yoda)
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Thanks, Milly!

1st post updated:
- Translated to bulgarian on request
как е името на златния фенрир (golden fenrir) смисъл ozj файла как му е името щото искам да сложа златен вместо син
Браво доста добро , копнах си всичко да си го имам . 10/10 за работата
I'm sorry if there are any gramatical misstakes (im so sleepy...) ^^

I made some corrections on your gramatical misstakes, like in the places where you have "eaten" all "s" letters (rofl).
ако някой желае да ме намери в скайп и да пише.да сложа guide как се адват нови итемс(не скинове) :)