[Release] Biohazard v2.00 Beta 3b (Zombie Mod)

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Apr 8, 2008
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.: Description :.

Biohazard is a server side modification for Counter-Strike. The gameplay is a classic
zombie outbreak scenario. Each round random players are infected with a "contagious virus"
and must infect the others in order to multiply. Round is won by eliminating the opposing
force. The Survivors however, have a secondary objective, that is to survive.

This is not a rewrite of the original Zombie Mod by apophis but rather a remake. Due to
the lack of a "working" public version (at the time) and requested by many users, I've
decided to create my own from scratch. It was originally named it Zombie-Strike, until I
found out that it was already taken. Thus, was renamed to Biohazard.

(I decided to move back to Canada. It's going to take a while when im able to code
again. If anyone would like to take over or maintain this project, feel free to do so.)

It has the following features:
  • Fully customizable zombie class system
  • Plugin API to expand the mod functionality
  • Varieties of custom sounds and models
  • Unlocks the HL fog system
  • Custom knockback system
  • Custom Pain Shock Free system
  • Shootable objects
  • And many more...
Download Link: Click Here

.: Changelog :.

Version 2.00 Beta 3b
- Added teaminfo update delay.
- Changed death detection method.

Version 2.00 Beta 3a
- Fixed plugin natives.
- Fixed buyzone.

Version 2.00 Beta 3
- Added multiple infection.
- Added weapon knockback.
- Added weapon menu fail safe.
- Added spawn kill fail safe.
- Added checks when giving weapons.
- Added is_user_infected & preinfect_user natives.
- Added func_pushable features.
- Readded WeapPickup and AmmoPickup blocks.
- Fixed health display, again.
- Fixed bh_punishsuicide cvar.
- Fixed plugin natives.
- Fixed RegisterHamFromEntity registering players multiple times.
- Removed is_user_zombiemaster & get_zombiemaster natives.
- Removed /first command & bh_allowfirstcmd cvar.
- Removed bh_customsounds cvar.
- Removed zombie gore.
- Changed menu system.
- Changed last man fail safe.

Version 2.00 Beta 2
- Added bot support.
- Added cvar for capping health display.
- Added cvar for randomizing zombie class when connecting.
- Fixed health display when dead (display disabled).
- Fixed classes not registering properly.
- Fixed player gravity on newround.
- Fixed zombie class models.
- Fixed zombie corpses.
- Changed pregame attack blocking method.
- Changed pain shock free system.
- Changed flashlight message (sends to all other plugins).
- Removed zombie armor.
- Removed cvar bh_zombie_kb_duck.

Version 2.00 Beta 1
- Added zombie class system.
- Added respawning as zombies for DM.
- Added suicide punishment.
- Added zombie gore.
- Added money bonus for infection.
- Added survivor win sound.
- Added /first command.
- Added zombie gravity.
- Added HP & AP display cap (255).
- Added real health and armor display.
- Removed NVG block.
- Changed armor system.
- Changed menu system to dynamic.
- Changed some plugin native names.
- Changed infection msg to be viewed when spawned.
- Changed task_lights delay to 3.0.

Version 1.95
- Removed roundstart sound.
- Removed spawn backpack removal.
- Removed unnecessary codes.
- Changed armor detection.

Version 1.94
- Fixed zombies able to kill with grenades.
- Changed all MSG_ALL to MSG_BROADCAST.
- Changed how claw model is resetted.

Version 1.93
- Optimized model changing method.
- Blocked zombies from changing team.
- Changed buyzone blockage.
- Added bh_buytime cvar.
- Removed bh_blockbuyzone cvar.
- Removed zombie vision.

Version 1.92
- Fixed bh_skyname cvar.
- Fixed grenade damage detection.
- Optimized team changing method.
- Improved buyzone blockage.

Version 1.91
- Fixed a bug that cause the inability to pickup weapons.
- Fixed armor bug that was getting picked up by 3rd party plugins.
- Fixed compatibility issues with cz bots.
- Changed how the claw model is detected on spawn.
- Added language support: bp.

Version 1.90
- Fixed a bug when server is empty.
- Fixed another restarting issue.
- Added configuration file.
- Added language support: bg.
- Changed round start sound.
- Removed screenfade on round end.

Version 1.85
- Fixed restarting issues.
- Fixed a minor bug with the weapons menu.
- Fixed zombies able to kill with grenade.
- Spectators can no longer get flashed.
- Improved unlimited clip method.

Version 1.84
- Optimized functions.

Version 1.83
- Removed team changing delay.

Version 1.82
- Delay shortened when changing team on roundend.
- Used the old method to remove c4.
- Handled models on prethink.

Version 1.81
- Blocked the use of func_tankrocket and func_tanklaser for zombies.
- Used Ham_Spawn to block c4 from spawning.
- Added delay on team changing on round end.

Version 1.80
- Allowed players to hurt themselves.
- Filtered out unnessary messages.
- Optimized equipweapons function.
- Blocked the use of func_tankmortar for zombies.
- Coverted is_player_alive to a macro.
- Used a different method to set the claw model.

Version 1.72
- Fixed a bug when picking random zombies.

Version 1.71
- Fixed random variables.
- Fixed players able to buy.
- Removed model file checking.

Version 1.70
- Fixed zombie corpses.
- Fixed zombie able to kill with weapons.
- Fixed random sounds. All sounds should play now.
- Win messages will now use server language.
- Changed how player spawning is detected.
- Used Ham_Touch instead of FM_Touch.
- Added cvar bh_zombie_instant.

Version 1.63
- Removed fog cvars.
- Reused some plugin stocks.
- Menu language will now use server language.

Version 1.62
- Fixed a minor scoreboard bug.
- Fixed a menu bug (UNCONFIRMED).

Version 1.61
- Used expermental model changing method.
- Used cstrike module's cs_set_user_team on roundend.

Version 1.60
- Fixed round not ending when the last CT leaves.
- Weapon menu will no longer work for zombies.
- Enforced AMX Mod X v1.8.0 when compiling.
- Capped cvar bh_fog_density to 1-99.
- Added default fog variables to biohazard.cfg.
- Added a fail-safe if models not found.
- Added language support: ru.

Version 1.52
- Fixed a minor menu bug.
- Added language support: pl.

Version 1.51
- Fixed task_givenades function name.

Version 1.50
- Fixed an infection bug.
- Fixed menu not showing for late joiners.
- Fixed menu showing when restarting.
- Fixed round not ending due to players leaving.
- Blocked usage of stationary guns for zombies.
- Added a delay when giving nades to prevent a potential crash.
- Added plugin API.
- Added zombie vision (FOV).
- Added kill bonus.
- Added languages support: es, se, lt, and fr.
- Added cvar bh_blockbuyzone.
- Added cvar bh_weaponsmenu.
- Readded flashlight block.
- Removed cvar bh_environment.

Version 1.40
- Fixed a minor bug.
- Weapons menu is now displayed on round start.
- Weapons will now get ammo when given.
- Flashlight is no longer blocked for zombies.
- Primary weapons are no longer dropped.
- Changed cvar bh_environment function.
- Added cvar bh_hedmg_multi.
- Added cvar bh_zombie_regen.
- Added cvar bh_zombie_resist.

Version 1.30
- Fixed another minor bug.
- Fixed players able to buy.
- Fixed bh_enable cvar.
- Changed c4 removal method.
- Changed disabling fall damage method.
- Used version 0.99 model system.

Version 1.20
- Fixed a minor bug.
- Added weapons menu.
- Changed how C4 is strip.

Version 1.11
- Fixed death not updating.

Version 1.10
- Players spawning as terrorist during midgame wont become zombies.
- *Disabled* stungrenade.

Version 1.00
- Change plugin name.
- Change plugin cvar prefix.
- Reverted back to cstrike module.
- Fix model bug.
- Fix score updates.
- Zombies no longer take fall damage.
- Zombies take full damage of hegrenades.
- Zombies dont slowdown when ducking.
- Added flashbangs only blinds zombies.
- Added stungrenade replacement (smokegrenade).
- Added zombie attack multiplier.

Version 0.99
- Fixed a damage bug.
- Fixed round not ending.
- No longer requires the cstrike module.
- Screen will whiteout when survivors win.

Version 0.98
- Fixed an ammo bug.
- Fixed a bug that allowed zombies to infect survivors using stationary guns.
- Used set_pdata_int instead to change teams on round end.
- Added screen blackout when zombies win (just to hide some technical stuff).
- Changed how survivors are infected.

Version 0.97
- Fixed zombie die sounds.
- Fixed more weapon id errors.
- Simplified zs_zombie_hp_bonus.
- Added fog cvars.

Version 0.96
- Added a check to make sure a function isnt called twice.
- Changed how winning messages are sent.

Version 0.95
- Added a check to make sure zombies dont have armor.
- Added HP bonus for the First zombie. Controlled by zs_zombie_hp_bonus.
- Readded custom zombie win sounds. However, it's disabled by default.

Version 0.94
- Removed zs_block_flashlight.
- Fixed a minor bug.

Version 0.93
- Fixed weapon id error.
- Fixed zombies having weapons.
- Fixed deathmsg. Should show it properly now.

Version 0.92
- Fixed more issues when round is ended.
- Fixed code when picking new zombie.
- Changed the default zombie model.
- Changed the "screaming" sound channel to CHAN_STATIC to stop it from getting cut off.
- Readded custom sounds and custom knife model.
- Added a little delay on many functions.
- Added an ammo system. 0 = off, 1 = unlimited ammo, 2 = unlimited clip.

Version 0.91
- Removed score restore, seems to crash server.

Version 0.90
- Merged with lite. Some sounds/models/blocks are removed.
- Added zs_maxzombies. Hopefully, it will stop the kicking.
- Users will now drop their current weapon.

Version 0.80b & 0.80b Lite
- Just another method to change the model. Note: only uses 2 models.

Version 0.80 & 0.80 Lite
- Fixed players being turned to zombies when round ends.
- Added fog density control and increased default density to 18% (was 10%).
- Added a check to make sure that the new random zombie is not the last random zombie.
- Added zs_autonvg. If turned on: they automatically turn on NVG when infected.
- Made players cant hit each other while the game isnt started.
- Changed method when the only zombie leaves (restarts then restores). Note: still untested.

Version 0.71
- Changed team when round ends instead of doing it in the new round.
- Removed spec NVG.

Version 0.71 Lite
- Changed team when round ends instead of doing it in the new round.

Version 0.70 Lite
- Removed spec NVG.
- Removed hand model.
- Removed sound replacements.
- Removed some unnecessary blockage.
- Made editing messages easier.

Version 0.60
- Changed spec NVG method.
- Changed model changing method to the old one.
- Changed the default model to the original hl zombie model. I still included the old one.
- zs_zombie_spd is set to 260.0 by default.
- zs_zombie_kb_health is set to 90 by default.
- zs_customwinsounds is off by default. Might be the one causing the lag spikes.

Version 0.50
- Removed cvars: zs_custommodel, zs_customknife, zs_enablefog, and zs_fogcolor.
You need to edit the zombiestrike.sma if you want to edit this settings.
- Changed C4 removal method. I made it invisible to players instead of removing it.
- Changed model changing method. Survivor models will include terrorist and the VIP models also.
- Fixed Spec NVG. The Spec NVG wasnt set properly so it keeps sending the NVG message.
- UNTESTED: When the only zombie leaves it would restart the round and restore everyones score back.
- Changed default zombie model. If you want the original model just rename it to zombie2.mdl.

Version 0.40
- Public version released.

Credits: Cheap_Suit


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