[AD] -=Anarchy Mu=- [Season 6] | Exp 100x | Drop 35% | Start [29/03/2024]


Aug 17, 2010
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AnarchyMu x100 OPENING
29.03.2024 20:00 UTC+3

Anarchy MuOnline | Version: Season 6 | Exp: 100x
Anarchy MuOnline | Season 6 | Exp: 100x


Server Info

Experience: 100x
Drop: 35%
Reset level: 400
Reset Point: 500
Maximum restes: 50
Maximum Grand resets: 5
Stage system
Stop of resets every Friday and Double exp for the Weekend.

Full Info



Custom Systems

Marry System

In-Game Menu
-Event Timers
-Buy VIP
-Search Party
-Search Store
-Custom menu Options
-Skin system
-Lucky wheel
-Registration In-Game
-Daily rewards
-Battle Pass

Duel System
-Duel bet

VIP System


Attack / offattack / Helper / OFF HELPER


Blood Castle

Devil Square

Chaos Castle

Castle Siege

Illusion Temple

Golden Invasion

White Wizard Invasion

Red Dragon Invasion

Rabbits Invasion

New Year Invasion

Summer Invasion

Custom Boss Invasion

Kalima Boss Attack

Erohim (BOSS)

Battle Royale Event

King of MU Event

TVT Event

Golden Archer

Kanturu / Maya event

PVP 1v1 auto Championship



Lucky Coin

Moss Merchant

Imperial Guardian (Varka)

Custom Arena

Double Goer

Anarchy Guardians Invasion

CryWolf Event

EndGame Event NEW

Zaikan Boss NEW

Hydra Boss NEW

Additional Info

Host: France
Dedicated Server with Intel Xeon CPU 4c/8t 3,70GHz / 32GB RAM
Anti-DDoS Protection
Premium Website CMS System
AntiHack Premium System: LiveGuard


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AnarchyMu 100x Оpening 29.03.2024, 20:00h UTC+3 (Friday)

Version: Season 6 Episode 19 / Experience: 100x
Register: https://www.anarchymu.com/index.php?id=register
FREE 500 Coin:
1. Like this post - https://www.facebook.com/anarchymuo...uypUe6y9QCMuh18svQdhw6Agga2iYmwS4TJwocxHAFSVl
2. Share the same Facebook post (Make it public)
3. Write your Character Name (which you will have) in the comments down below in the Facebook post.
All comments will be reviewed and Cash added the day after the server is online and your character is already created!
300+ Online players!
Combo for every class! NEW!!!
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/anarchymuonline
Discord: https://discord.gg/YfTkekVxEW
Next stage is on the way! Sunday at 23:59!

More info about the update:

First Grand reset!
Maximum Master level will be 150!

Medusa chance to drop: 380 lvl
Kundum chance to drop: 380 lvl
Balgass chance to drop: 380 lvl
Nightmare chance to drop: 380 lvl
Erohim chance to drop: 380 lvl
Nix chance to drop: 380 lvl
Monster of Water chance to drop: 380 lvl
Monstar of Swamp chance to drop: 380 lvl
Zaikan chance to drop: 380 lvl

New bosses
Golden Great Dragon (x3) drop: Red Chaos Box (380 lvl item)
God of Darkness (1x) drop: 3x 380 lvl item

IT 6: Chance for Red Chaos Box
Varka: Chance for Red Chaos Box

New Items:
Wings level 3!
Condor Flame: Barracks, Vulcanus, Loren deep
The next stage is on the way! Sunday at 23:59!

More info about the update:

Second Grand reset!
Maximum Master level will be 225!

New bosses
- drop: 10x Exc Socket items
- Location: Raklion
- Time: 24 hours after being killed

Golden Napin
- drop: Sphere 4 or Sphere 5
- Location: Peace of Swamp
- time: Part of Golden Invasion

Metal Balrog
- drop: Seed Sphere
- Location: Losttower / Lorencia
- Time: 10:00 and 21:00 Server time.

Ferea General
- drop: 5x Exc Socket items
- Location: Ferea
- Time: 09:30 and 21:30 Server time.

New Items:
Wings level 4
GARUDA'S FLAME: Swamp of Darkness, BC / DS

Added Exc Socket items for GOLD!

Newbie System update:
Every new character gets this for 7 days:
Pet Panda, Ring Panda, Set +11 +Zen, 2 lvl Wings +11

0-50 rr (0 GR) Experience x3 (Weekends x6)
0-50 rr (1 GR) Experience x2 (Weekends x4)