[Help] 1.01e files


Aug 21, 2008
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hi everybody, I'm Vietnamese, please help me. Now, I need muserver_1.01e fix all bugs. It's very Important for me. And I know muserver_1.01e of Frienz but It has many mistakes. So that, anybody know about muserver_1.01e, please upload for me. Thanks for helping me.

I need muserver_1.01e fix all bugs, please help me
You need server files 1.1 ?or ????
If you need files use serch !
thanks diablo21, but It has many mistakes,

item kiss not works, vv.................
LoL if you want find 100% fix 1.01e you are pay for take it..
except if have any release 1.01e full fix.
just dont spam!If you doesn't got the file's dont write in that thread!!!
Thread cleaned from all useless posts. Van_Bom there are no files 100% fixed, that are free. If you want someone to give you such files you would have to pay for them or... to pay for the fixing of your files. Second is that I don't think that here you will find 100% bug free files. I think that in the Release Section there are 1.01e files but they are not 100% buggless !
thanks, I know, thanks. I hope I will have server file 1.01e 100% fix heh ehehehe

cam on cac ban rat nhieu, mong rang cac ban se giup do toi, vi la nguoi vietnam nen biet it tieng anh thoi, voi lai nguoi vietnam cong nghe thong tin cung khong gioi nhu ben nuoc ngoai duoc,

I am Vietnamese, thanks