balanced gameplay

  1. alphamu1

    [AD] Alpha MuOnline Season6 x1000 Opening 16 January 2021!

    Hello people of Mu Online world! We want to present you brand new Mu Online Season 6 server! will start its life 16 of January 2021! Join us on opening! Exp: 1000x Drop: 50% Max stats: 65k Points per Level: 5/7/7/7 Spots in ALL maps Balanced Gameplay and PvP Mu Helper from...
  2. S

    [AD] Season 15 SHADOW MU START 01/05/2020 x5000 BALANCED PVP

    SHADOW MU ONLINE SEASON 15 x5000 GRAND OPEN 01/05/2020 Free VIP 5 days for all players registering within the first week. Opening Time: UTC -3 - 13.00 - Argentina UTC +2 - 18.00 - Poland UTC +7 - 23.00 - Vietnam UTC +8 - 24.00 - Philippines
  3. F

    [AD] MuPhoenix Xenoverse

    Hi everyone! I'm Excited to share with you a UNIQUE brand new server with an amazing client and gameplay! The server is a very UNIQUE 97d99i based on the DarksTeam Server with lots of customisation to make it absolutely enjoyable!! Come to play with us on MuPhoenix Xenoverse...
  4. P

    [AD] AsgardMU grand opening! [x100,play to win] 28.12.2018. 18:00 CET (Central European Time)

    AsgardMU opens 28.12.2018. 18:00 CET (Central European Time). Grand opening event: 1) LINK THIS PAGE 2) TAG 3 or more friends and write your account ID in comments. 3) SHARE the post on facebook EVERYONE IS WINNING. General Information: Version...