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Dec 19, 2016
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Hello OldSquaders & Guests,

OldSquad Community is proudly presenting you a new edition of NonReset Server that will be launched on 09 November 2018!

After more than one year it is time for our hard-core non-reset server to shine again as it have been highly awaited.

Also, our Max50RR Medium Style Server is still going on with more than 200 unique players (not characters) online at any hour. So we're waiting you there as well if you are medium style lover!

OldSquadMU - NonReset Info​

Why to choose US?​
- This is a REAL STABLE SERVER - In 1 year I don't know if there were more than 3-5 downtimes apart from updates.
- This is a REAL LONG TERM SERVER - Proved on both Max30RR & NonReset editions that lasted almost 1 year each.
- This is a REAL PLAY2WIN SERVER - I didn't really saw until now any top server that doesn't sell items (webshop) or have cashshop for 3x seals (like 400% exp), panda pets and other shits. And when I say PLAY2WIN, many top players can confirm if they spent more than first VIP donations to be on top - Credits are very easy to be farmed without donating anything but again, you must PLAY for that.
- This is a REAL PROFESSIONAL SERVER - Minimum level of bugs, configured in a Smart & Professional way with a lot of unique features.
- This is a REAL DEDICATED PROJECT - Yes, we aren't here for money, we are here to make a REAL COMMUNITY for this shitty game that eaten our childhood. We aren't opening and closing servers each month just for money, we aren't changing the name of servers just to "refresh" reputation. We are OldSquad. We are here to stay.
- This is one of the very few servers where the Administrator (in this case, me - sometimes SoulSet) is actually supporting any player with any request in the fastest time possible (starting from instant to maximum 1 day - there are some exceptions when I am very busy or I am not home at all but meh).
- This is one of the very few servers where the Administrator (in this case, me) is actually listening to players suggestions/opinions and is fighting hard to touch anything (good) that players are coming with.
- This is the ONLY SERVER where you find a UNIQUE GAMEPLAY - apart from all the normal boring gameplays - that is constantly improving and adjusting to players needs.
- This is one of the very few servers that DOESN'T HAVE FAKE ONLINE players: If you check many top servers, they don't even show online players on rankings tab, neither entire top 100 players. This is because they are using artificially online count that is boosted into the website, and they don't show online players so people can't check if it's real or not. Almost all top servers are doing that just to attract players.
- Furthermore, this is one of the few servers that doesn't run OFF-ATTACK/OFF-STORES just to increase the player count with BOTS and also one of the few servers that have a limit of ACC/HWID (2).
Basic Info​
- Season 6 Ep. 3 CUSTOM.
- Dynamic Low Exp [5-15x].
- Newbies boosts including exp boosts.
- Master EXP: Dynamic 3-5x
- 35% Drop.
- Party Exp System (Solo = 100%, 2 Players = 90%, 3 Players = 95%, 4 Players = 106%, 5 Players = 112%, Perfect Party = +3% exp).
- All events working with nice rewards.
- No alliances.
- Max 20 players in a guild - max 25 players for DL GM.
- Elf Soldier buff until level 250.
- Maximum of 2 accounts on same HWID.
- Shops for a low exp server.
- Maximum of 9 HP pots stack and 50 mana pots stack (for PvP and PvM experience).
- Create Guild at level 150.
- Create DL, MG, RF at level 200.
- Reconnect system fully working.
- No Web-Shop, no Cash-Shop, only VIP System (without VIP Server) & Web-Credits for Premium Modules.
- Helper from level 1.
- Max ADD on Items: 28.
Gameplay Info
OldSquad is going to offer you a nice & unique experience with build-base, very interesting PvM and equilibrated PvP for all classes, that can satisfy any kind of player (passive, farmer, pvp-lover, afk-er, competitive, etc.).

We are introducing for the 4th time into MU Online World a brand new GAMEPLAY based on a progressive style with 3 BIG STAGES!

There will be a LONG-TERM Gameplay (just like in WoW, there will be players, pvp's, gears at every stage, you don't even have to be "MAX", you can 'casual play' and be the best player level 1-300 stage, or things like that).

Some bonus gameplay info:

- First 100 levels are easier to encourage the new players then the Dynamic Exp is playing it's role by decreasing/increasing exp.
- Quest have low drops and Quest level 3 is really hard.
- 5 NON-PVP maps: Aida(1,2), Karutan1, Kalima5, Kalima7 and Crywolf (later stage) where you can only KS.
- 4 GENS maps: Atlans, Vulcanus, Raklion and Swamp.
- All other maps are 100% PVP, with free KS (no ban), free PK (no ban).
- PK clear is off, so if you want to PK you must also wait 20-60 minutes to clear and/or you must kill mobs.
- Swamp is a level 395+ map designed only for Master Level.
- You can also make ML on mobs over level 115 (like condras / relics mobs).
- ML Exp is decreasing with % on each of the next master levels: 51+, 101+, 151+, 181.
- Kalimas are populated!
- There is no ARENA (forget about leveling on the same place for 3 months, that's not how MU is supposed to be).
- Exp will be raised for lower levels anytime we consider (to encourage new players).

Because this is a non-reset style where things are very close to each other we improved the stages system in a different way than on Max30RR:

There are 3 STAGES (At level 220,315,385). When they are finished, each of them will bring some new content to the table but also will boost the newbie exp overall.
The EXP stages are between level 220-240, 315-330 and 385-395 where EXP will be 5% of total EXP (very very low).
When first player from server reach level 241,331,396 the STAGE is officially completed and the stage exp and the previous stages exp will raise.
When 1st Stage is completed by first player, the Stage 1 exp will be doubled for the rest of players.
When 2nd Stage is completed by first player, the Stage 1 will be removed and Stage 2 exp will be doubled for the rest.
When 3rd Stage is completed by first player, the Stage 2 exp will be removed and the Stage 3 exp will be tripled for the rest.
Also the player that will complete the stage first will win VIP for 7 days.

What else are unlocking / giving the stages when completed?

Stage 1 (240)
- Old Box 3
- Goldens for Box of Kundun + 3
- +1 Golden Budge Dragon
- Chaos Machine (on site) until +11
- Access to Add Luck (on site)
+ other things

Stage 2 (330)
- Old Box 4
- Goldens for Box of Kundun + 4 & + 5
- +1 Golden Budge Dragon
- Improve all Events rewards (as game progress)
- Improve Crywolf Event - Balgass HP
- Release Crywolf with mobs as a Non-PvP map
- Release Silver VIP
- Release Character Market
- Chaos Machine (on site) until + 12
+ other things

Stage 3 (395)
- Old Box 5
- Improve all Events rewards (as game progress)
- Improve Crywolf Event - Balgass HP
+ other things

This system will make the game more interesting and more skill/build-based (+long term) and also the entire balance of server (Economy, PvP, PvM,etc.) will be adjusted anytime.
Also, the gap between top 30 characters and the rest of the server will be lower.
Also, any person who wants to start after xx days from server start can recover easily (if he plays a lot).
Old Box System & 380 Items
There are 5 boxes (Old Box 1, Old Box 2, etc.)
1 is the weakest, 5 is the best.
Old Boxes can't be: Traded, Moved to Vault, Moved to Store (you can only drop them).

380 Items can only be farmed on events and from Old Box 4/5:

- Kundun have a chance to drop 380 Weapons.
- Medusa is dropping 1x 380 Weapon.
- Dark Elves (CryWolf Event) have a chance to drop 380 Gloves.
- Bloody Queen (Vulcanus) is dropping 1x 380 Boots.
- Nightmare (Kanturu Relics) is dropping 1x 380 Helm.
- Selupan (Raklion) is dropping 1x 380 Pants.
- Balgass (CryWolf Event) is dropping 2x 380 Armor.
- Old Box 4 have 15% chance to drop 380 Pants.
- Old Box 5 have 15% chance to drop 380 Armor.

What Old Boxes are dropping:

Old Box 1: Ring Exc / 1 Harmony / 1 Creation / 1 JoG / Magic Backpack (Extend Inventory) / 10x Invitations Kalima / AGI+VIT Reset Fruits.
Old Box 2: Pend Exc / Demon / Angel / Wings LvL 1 (+0...+9) / 10x Invitations DS / STR+ENE+CMD Reset Fruits.
Old Box 3: Horn Fragment / Feather / Crest / Jewel Bundle (10x Bless/Soul) / Talisman of Chaos Assembly / Sphere5 / 10x Invitations BC.
Old Box 4: Ancient Tier 1 / Flame of Condor / 10x Gemstones / 20x Life / 20x Creation / Talisman of Chaos Assembly / Broken Horn / 380 Pants.
Old Box 5: Seeds (DD, HP, REF, EDR, CRIT) / Wings LvL 3 (Lowest Chance) / Feather of Condor / 20x Harmony / 380 Armor.

- They can be obtained on almost any event from our server (check event rewards on every stage).
Events Info
1. Rabbits Invasion:
- 3 times per day (07:00, 15:00, 23:00)
- 20 rabbits per map on: Atlans (1-3), Dungeon (1-3), Elbeland (1-3), Devias (1-4)
- 50% chance to get: 1 Bless / 1 Soul / 1 Chaos
- 50% chance to get: 3.000.000 zen
- You gain 2 CREDITS per kill.

2. Arena Tournament :
- Every day at 19:15, each day have a limit (Level 150-320, 321-379, 380-399, 400+)
- Schedule:
Level 150-320: Thursday & Sunday (you must write /warp pvparena1 to join this one)
Level 321-379: Wednesday & Saturday (you must write /warp pvparena2 to join this one)
Level 380-399: Tuesday & Friday (you must write /warp pvparena3 to join this one)
Level 400+: Monday (you must write /warp pvparena4 to join this one)
- Minimum of 3 players to start, maximum of 40 players to play.
- After 40 deaths you will be eliminated.
- One kill = 10 points, one death = -5 points.
- Fight for 10 minutes and then get ranked + rewarded.
- You will be PK Stage level 2, you can't leave map, you can't make parties, you can't buff other ppl.
- You will respawn on random coords after death.
- After 10 minutes you will be ranked and automatically rewarded with:
1st place: 150 credits + HoF Badge
2nd place: 125 credits
3rd place: 100 credits
4th place: 85 credits
5th place: 70 credits
6th place: 50 credits
7th place: 35 credits
8th place: 20 credits

3. White Wizard Invasion:
- Every 6 hours (00:45, 06:45, 12:45, 18:45)
- They will spawn on Devias, Noria, Lorencia and Elbeland.
- WW drops 4 random Jewels (Bless/Soul/Life) + 20% chance to get Old Box 1 and 10% chance to get Old Box 2 between the Jewels.
- Orcs have a chance to drop ring of wizard / jewels (B/S).
- You gain 10 CREDITS per kill.

4. Chaos Castle:
- Every 3 hours (00:15 03:15 06:15 09:15 12:15 15:15 18:15 21:15)
- You can join only 3 times per day with the same character.
- You will get points that will be accumulated for WEEKLY CC REWARDS ON SITE (Credits).
- There is a decent drop of jewels on CC5, CC6 and CC7.
- Players that win the CC will get rewards:
CC 1-3: 2 Jewels (Bless/Soul/Life) + 15% chance for Random Ancient.
CC 4: 40% chance to get Old Box 1, 60% chance to get Random Ancient.
CC 5: 25% chance to get Old Box 2, 75% chance to get Random Ancient + Random Jewels from mobs.
CC 6: 20% chance to get Old Box 4, 30% chance to get Old Box 3, 50% chance to get 20b/20s + Random Jewels from mobs.
CC 7: 30% chance to get Old Box 4, 20% chance to get Old Box 3, 50% chance to get 20b/20s + Random Jewels from mobs.

5. Blood Castle:
- Every 3 hours (02:30 05:30 08:30 11:30 14:30 17:30 20:30 23:30)
- You can join only 3 times per day with the same character.
- You will get points that will be accumulated for WEEKLY BC REWARDS ON SITE (Credits).
- You can close the BC only when there are maximum 3 minutes left from event.
- Exp on BC is raised with 100%.
- There is a decent drop of jewels if you stay until the end.
- Players that win the BC will get rewards:
BC 1-3: 3 Chaos
BC 4: 4 Jewels (Bless/Soul/Life) + 10% chance to get Old Box 1 between 4 Jewels.
BC 5: 4 Jewels (Bless/Soul/Life) + 10% chance to get Old Box 2 between 4 Jewels.
BC 6: 5 Jewels (Bless/Soul/Life) + 15% chance to get Old Box 2 between 5 Jewels.
BC 7: 40% chance to get 10b/10s, 35% chance to get Demon, 15% chance to get Angel, 10% chance to get Old Box 3.
BC 8: 40% chance to get 10b/10s, 35% chance to get Demon, 5% chance to get Angel, 10% chance to get Old Box 3, 10% chance to get Old Box 4.

6. Devil Square :
- Every 3 hours (01:15 04:15 07:15 10:15 13:15 16:15 19:15 22:15)
- You can join only 3 times per day with the same character.
- You will get points that will be accumulated for WEEKLY DS REWARDS ON SITE (Credits).
- You can farm Season 4 Spells (Explosion,Five Shot,etc.) ONLY on DS! (Lower DS-es have lower chance).
- Exp on DS is raised with 100%.
- There is a decent drop of jewels if you stay until the end.
- DS 5-7 have a low chance to drop Ancient items.
- DS 7 have a low chance to drop Sphere Lvl. 5.

7. Golden Invasion:
- Every 4 hours, random minutes (2:xx, 6:xx, 10:xx, 14:xx, 18:xx, 22:xx)
- You gain different amount of CREDITS per kill.
- Box of Kundun + 1: 10 Goblins in Noria [also gives 1 CREDIT]
- Box of Kundun + 2: 5 Titans in Devias, 6 Devils in LostTowers [also gives 2 CREDITS]
- Box of Kundun + 3: 6 Tantalos in Tarkan, 4 Golems in Aida, 3 Crusts in Icarus [also gives 3 CREDITS]
- Box of Kundun + 4: 3 Satyros in Kanturu and 4 Satyros in Karutan1 [also gives 4 CREDITS]
- Box of Kundun + 5: 3 Iron Knight in Raklion, 2 Twin Tale in Relics [also gives 6 CREDITS]

- Special: 1 GGD in Raklion, 1 GGD in Vulcanus and 1 GGD in Karutan2 that is dropping 5 boxes +4/+5 and 15 CREDITS.
- Special: 1 Budge Dragon in Lorencia, 1 Budge Dragon in Noria and 1 Budge Dragon in Elbeland that is dropping Stars (for Rings/Pendants Exc.) and 10 CREDITS.

8. Kundun (BOSS):
- Every 18-24 hours, between 18:00 and 00:00 (random minute/hour between this 6 hours).
- Rewards: 3 Random Ancients + 30% chance to drop 380 Weapon between 3 ancients.
- You gain 35 CREDITS per kill.
- There will be spawned an Illusion of Kundun also 1 time per day in Lorencia Circle (Full PvP, no punishments for PK) - JUST FOR FUN - Kill anyone on the small circle even if it's your guild mate and be the lucky one who gets the loot at the end.
- The Illusion of Kundun will drop 1 random ancient.
- It will spawn 1 time per day and have the same window of 18:00 - 24:00.

9. Kanturu Refinement Tower:
- Rewards from Hands: 3 Jewels (Bless/Soul) and 10% chance to drop Old Box 2 between 3 Jewels.
- Rewards from Nightmare (BOSS): 2 items - Exc. Weapons (Knight Blade, Platina Staff, etc.) + 380 Helm + Chance for Old Box 4 .
- You gain 30 CREDITS per Nightmare kill.

10. Medusa (BOSS):
- Every 12 hours, at 11:00 and 23:00
- Rewards: 2 Socket Weapons with 4/5 slots (or PSS exc for RF) + 1 Weapon Level 380 + 30% chance for Old Box 5.
- You gain 50 CREDITS per kill.

11. Selupan (BOSS):
- Every 12 hours from when it is killed
- Rewards: 4 Socket Set Items (Helm,Armor,Gloves,Boots,Pants) & Shields (or PS exc for RF) with 4/5 slots + 380 Pants + 50% chance for Old Box 5.
- You gain 50 CREDITS per kill.

12. Erohim (BOSS):
- Every 25-35 hours
- Rewards: 25% chance to get 1 Hyon Sword / Gywen Bow (for W3) and 75% chance to get 10b / 10s.

13. CryWolf Event:
- 2 times per week [Wednesday and Sunday at 21:30]
- Balgass drop: 2x 380 Armors + 50% chance for Old Box 4 / 50% chance for 1 PoH (Piece of Horn, Fenrir item)
- Dark Elves drop: 15% chance to drop Old Box 3, 35% chance to drop Exc. Weapons (Knight Blade, Platina Staff,etc.), 25% chance to drop 380 Gloves, 25% chance to drop 20kk ZEN.
- Bonus 10% EXP for ENTIRE SERVER if you finish the Event.
- 2 Bless/Soul for each finalist.
- You gain 20 CREDITS per Dark Elf kill and 75 CREDITS per Balgass kill.

14. Imperial Guardian:
- It announce every time a boss is killed.
- You can join only 5 times per day with the same character.
- It doesn't have any cooldown.
- Drop Rate of invitation pieces is low.
- Bosses are dropping 4 Jewels (B/S/Life/Chaos).
- Sunday events are dropping 4 Jewels per Boss, 3 Bosses per event.
- Sunday's Final Boss also have a 30% chance to drop Talisman of Chaos Assembly.

15. Doppelganger Event:
- You can join only 3 times per day with the same character.
- Drop Rate of invitation pieces is low.
- Silver Chest is dropping 1x Scroll/Elixir.
- Golden Chest is dropping 2x Scrolls/Elixirs.

16. Illusion Temple:
- 2 times per day (09:00 and 21:00)
- You can join only 1 time per day with the same character.
- Minimum of Players for Event to start: 4
- You must leave the party in order to be able to join the Event.
Winners of IT 1 can win: 25% 10b/10s 75% Demon/Angel.
Winners of IT 2 can win: 75% 10b/10s 25% Demon/Angel.
Winners of IT 3 can win: 50% Old Box 3 50% 10b/10s.
Winners of IT 4 can win: 60% Old Box 3, 5% Feather of Condor, 35% Old Box 4.
Winners of IT 5 can win: 60% Old Box 4, 10% Feather of Condor, 25% Old Box 3, 5% Old Box 5.
Winners of IT 6 can win: 60% Old Box 4, 10% Feather of Condor, 25% Old Box 3, 5% Old Box 5.

17. Bloody Witch Queen (BOSS):
- She spawns in the darkest holes of Vulcanus, 2 times per day at Random Hour / Minute as following:
1 time between 17:00 and 21:00.
1 time between 03:00 and 07:00.
- She will stay 30 minutes after she spawn.
- She is dropping 1x EXC Last tier Items (GD, DS,etc.) with 1-2 options and 380 Boots.
- She have a low chance to drop Old Box 4 and a very low chance to drop Old Box 5.
- She is a BOSS, so expect High HP / DMG.

18. Cursed Dragon Revenge (BOSS):
- The Dragon is respawning 4 times per day on Elbeland at Random Hour / Minute as following:
1 time between 00:00 and 05:59
1 time between 06:00 and 11:59
1 time between 12:00 and 17:59
1 time between 18:00 and 23:59
- He is dropping only Old Boxes (1-5).
- Smaller Boxes have a higher chance of being dropped from him than the bigger ones.
- Because he was cursed to have 2 heads, the dragon lost his attack-power so even if he is a BOSS, he have a very low attack but it is compensated with a big pool of HP.
- He stays 1 hour after he is spawned.

19. Death King Invasion:
- Death King (Boss) and his Slaves (Death Bones) will invade Lorencia 2 times per day (12:00 and 00:00)
- There are 2 Bosses per Invasion and 10 Slaves.
- Both Bosses and Slaves have a low HP pool and a easy-medium damage.
- If you are PK (Stage1 / Stage2) and you're killing a Boss you will be completely cleaned of your PK.
- If you are PK (Stage1 / Stage2) and you're killing a Slave you will clean 2 kills.
- If you are Normal (Commoner / Outlaw Warning) and you're killing a Boss you will became a Killer (PK Stage2).
- If you are Normal (Commoner / Outlaw Warning) and you're killing a Slave you will become a Killer (PK Stage2).

20. Bonus System:
- The bonuses will start at 18:00 Server Time with the exception of Saturday when Bonus starts at 19:30 (due to CS).
- On weekly days (Monday-Friday) Bonus System will increase normal exp with 50% and ML exp with 25%.
- On weekends (Saturday, Sunday) Bonus System will increase normal exp with 100% and ML exp with 50%.

21. Quiz Event
- The role of this Quiz Event is to encourage players to read and learn about what OldSquad can offer and to learn precious info that can help in their journey here (all info topics).
- The Quiz Event will start randomly 1 time per day between 10:00 and 23:59.
- There are 18 questions per day which can't repeat on the same day but they may appear into other day.
- The question will repeat every 20 seconds, for 3 times, if there is no correct answer after 1 minute it will be canceled and the next question will appear.
- The questions are made by us and are 100% from information of our servers (events,drops,mobs,credits,etc.) - so read everything in order to raise your chance to win on this event.
- The answers are mostly simple and they can be either a number, a word, 2 words, yes, no or name of an object from game.
- In order to answer at the quiz you need to write /ans xxx where xxx = the answer that you think the question have.
- You need to write the exact answer in order to win (example 2 resets is different than 2 rr even if it means the same).
- The capital letters doesn't matter so you can write either EViL spIriT or Evil Spirit which will be right in both ways.
- The questions poll is around 200 for the moment but we'll keep adding questions until we reach around 400-450 unique questions.
- For the moment rewards are 1x Jewel of Bless for each correct answer.
- At the end of the Quiz Event there is also a ranking with Top3 players with the most correct answers at that round.
Spots Info
Except for Noria, Devias and Elbeland, anywhere you see a mob there is a spot for sure (we deleted extra mobs because we didn't want to have overpowered spots by mistake).
The number of spots in every map is 20-40 (differs from map to map).
The number of mobs in spots are 7-8 (some spots have 7 mobs, other spots have 8 mobs).
All spots are a mass spawn (not a pointed one) so you must have SM/SUM/EMG or any AoE guy in parties to hold the spots.
Drop Info
- Our PvM & Economy System are encouraging Active Players but they also help AFK Players with Helper.
- Jewels drop on maps are based on Monster levels, which means lower maps/mobs will have really low chance for jewels while high and end-game maps/mobs will have a high drop rate.

Economy Drops:
- Web Credits: Medium [Obtained from: Votes, Exchange Online Hours, Weekly Tops, Events, Bosses, Goldens, WW, Rabbits, Arena Tournaments, etc.]
- Jewel of Guardian: Medium [Drop only in LoT]
- Jewel of Bless: Medium-Low [Drop starting from Devias to all maps]
- Jewel of Soul: Medium-Low [Drop starting from Devias to all maps]
- Jewel of Chaos: Low [Drop starting from Devias to all maps]
- Zen: Low [Obtained from : Mobs, Selling Items, etc.]
- Gemstone: Low [Drop in Kanturu Relics and Kanturu3]
- Dark Raven Spirit: Low [Drop only in Kanturu2]
- Sphere Level 4: Low [Drop only in Vulcanus]
- Feather & Crest: Very Low [Drop only in Icarus]
- Jewel of Life: Very Low [Drop starting from Tarkan to all maps]
- Jewel of Creation: Lowest [Drop starting from Tarkan to all maps]
- Sphere Level 5: Lowest [Drop only in Vulcanus and DS7]
- Dark Horse Spirit: Lowest [Drop only in Kanturu2]
- Magic Backpack (Extension of Inventory): Lowest [Drop only in Karutan2]
- Flame of Condor: Lowest [Drop only in Swamp]

Heart/Silver/Gold system:
- Heart of Love can be farmed on maps from Devias until LostTower3.
- Silver Medal can be farmed on maps from LostTower3 until Tarkan.
- Gold Medal can be farmed on maps from Tarkan2 until higher maps.
- Heart of Love: Items like Sphinx,Plate,etc. +7 -> +11 ; Weapons/Shields from +7 -> +13.
- Silver Medal: Items like Dragon,Legendary,etc. +7 -> +11 ; Weapons/Shields from +7 -> +13.
- Gold Medal: Items like Black Dragon,Grand Soul,Ashcrow,etc. +6 -> +12 ; Weapons/Shields from +6 -> +13.

Spells drops:
- The most important spells are farmed from LostTower1 and Atlans until Losttower3 and Atlans2/3 + Dungeon3 with a medium drop:
Fireburst, Twisting Slash, Evil Spirits, Lighting Shock, DarkSide, Dragon Roar.
- Innovation,Ignore Parchment and all the Season 4 Spells (Gigantic Storm,Multishot,etc.) can be farmed ONLY in Devil Square (1-7), with a low drop, DS1-4 have lower drop than DS5-7.
- Mana Shield, Death Stab, Rageful Blow, Berserk, Critical Dmg can be farmed from LvL 70 mobs until LvL 83 mobs (like Tarkan1,Tantalos from Tarkan2,etc.).
- Ice Storm, Decay, Reflect, Summon and maybe I am missing something are farmed after LvL 84 mobs (starting from Kanturu2 and places like that).

Other drops:
- Starter Ring Level 40: Any item from Heart of Love +7 -> +11.
- Starter Ring Level 80: Small Wings for all classes.
- Box of Heaven: Bless, Soul, Chaos, Life, Imp, Angel.

Chaos Machine Info
Devil Square Ticket 1-4: 90%; 5,6: 85%; 7: 80%.
Blood Castle Ticket 1-5: 90%; 6,7: 85%; 8: 80%.
Illusion Temple ticket 1-5: 80%; 6: 70%.
Feather of Condor: 1-60% (60% max rate).
Wings lvl 1: 1-90% (90% max rate)
Wings lvl 2: 1-90% (90% max rate)
Wings lvl 3: 1-40% (40% max rate)
Item Upgrades (+10 -> +15 without luck):
+10, +11: 50%.
+12: 55%.
+13, +14: 60%
+15: 65%
Luck will add + 20% chance on every upgrade.
Socket Items have -5% chance on any mix.
Fruits Mix: 75%.
Pets Mix: 80%.
Piece of Horn: 60%.
Broken Horn: 50%.
Horn of Fenrir: 30%.
Gemstone Mix : 85%.
Lower Refine Stone Mix: 35%.
Higher Refine Stone Mix: 60%.
Lower Refine Stone in Item: 40%.
Higher Refine Stone in Item: 80%.
Jewels rates:
- Soul: 60%.
- Life: 50%.
- Harmony: 75%.
Luck will add + 20% chance on Soul and Life.

Extra Info Topics:

Special / Hot Features that you should KNOW: Click Me
Server RULES: Click Me
Info about CREDITS: Click Me

+ Many, many, many other things !

So, if you are an old school player, an experienced one or even a newbie that want to play some real MU you are welcomed in our community! :)

Let's bring MU Online to the next level!

Some screens:

Also, Max50RR Information can be found: HERE


Dec 19, 2016
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Hello OldSquaders & New comers,

Less than 24 hours remained for the grand opening of the new NonReset edition!

The server will be launched officially on today (Friday) at 19:00.
You will be able to test the game, make parties, etc.
The MOBS will spawn at 20:00 (after 1 hour).
We're very excited and we hope that everything will be fine for your to enjoy!

You still have time to share this to your friends, groups, etc. and to gather strong teams as what is coming will be pretty hard alone! Let's show to the MU Online Community once again what real quality truly means! So, share the news to your friends, families, pets, strangers and gather on the start day to conquer once again the OldSquad World!

Also, we want to share you few important topics and info that you MUST read for a full experience here:

- Official Info topic: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/972-official-information-many-details-about-server/
- Info about Credits: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/1817-info-about-credits/
- Server Rules: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/1818-server-rules/
- Special / Hot Features that you should KNOW: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/1956-special-hot-features-that-you-should-know/
- Everything about Characters & Formulas: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/1860-everything-about-characters-formulas/

Important info:

- !!!! Don't forget to choose the 'NonReset' Server when you are logging, else you will be logged on Max50RR and you will be able to use the Max50RR services / options instead of NonReset !!!
- In order to use the SITE FUNCTIONS you need to ACTIVATE your ACCOUNT on EMAIL! (It takes 1-5 minutes to be sent).
- 1st Castle Siege will be from first week (18 November - Sunday) but there will be no Ancients drops, no Senior, no Erohim - only LoT spots and fun + the advantage of being the Defenders on the 2nd CS (CS rewards are progressive, only at 3rd CS you will have ancients drops).
- If you're killing EE's on normal PvP maps (not gens maps) you will get 2nd stage PK directly (automatically).
What an EE means:
An ELF with lower than 120 STR and with lower than 250 AGI.
- You can make DL, MG, RF from level 1 since server starts if you get VIP (Only Bronze until Stage 2 - Level 330).
- This is an 100% International Server, that means you MUST write in English ONLY on /post and Gens Chat. If you won't do this you can get Muted / Warned and even Banned!
- Please don't forget that this is a HARD SERVER !!! That means drops are low, exp is hard and 90% of drops are custom!

If you need any kind of assistance please contact us on Facebook: https://facebook.com/OldSquadMU - we will be there most of the time!


OldSquad Team
#Make MU Great Again!


Dec 19, 2016
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The first 20 hours have passed since release and the online number keeps growing!

There are 430+ online with maximum of 2 ACC/HWID and no OFF-STORES/OFF-ATTACK!

Join us and feel the difference on the most balanced hard non-reset server you'd ever play!



Dec 19, 2016
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Hello OldSquaders & Guests,

This month we are celebrating 3 years since OldSquad Community was born!

I want to sincerely thank all of you, OldSquaders, along with the staff, that made this dream called OldSquad being possible! We've been through both good and bad times together, but I'm more than sure we shared a good time in this years.

We started from the bottom, we started with a lot of problems, but we're here now, at the top, with a great development, and it will only get better as we have a lot of nice stuff on our to-do list for the incoming year!

During last week we released some things that you may be interested in:

- Holiday Bonus (From 18.12 until 25.12, Bonus System hours are doubled - from 1.5 hours to 3 hours each, while on 50RR bonus stays for 5 hours instead of 2).

- 3 Years Feedback Contest (where you can take part and bring your feedback for a free VIP): https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/2741-3-years-feedback-contest/

- We released a Test Server for NonReset where you can test whatever you want, having a lot of support functions to do so: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/2749-releasing-test-server-hiring-new-staff/

- We opened a hiring process for new Staff in order to make all of ours ideas for the incoming year to come alive, so feel free to apply via forum PM or e-mail at: oldsquadmu@gmail.com

- And also, the Stage 3 (and last one) has been completed and the new content has been released along with newbies boosts for anyone that wanna join us: https://oldsquad.ro/forum/topic/2757-stage-3-updates-19122018/

We wish you a happy Christmas, a great new year and an awesome OldSquad experience!




Dec 19, 2016
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Latest updates have been released!

Another new unique system have been added based on your feedbacks!

A lot of surprises are incoming in the next months, so stay tunned!

Join us!