1. alphamu1

    [AD] Alpha MuOnline Season6 x1000 Opening 16 January 2021!

    Hello people of Mu Online world! We want to present you brand new Mu Online Season 6 server! https://alpha-mu.site will start its life 16 of January 2021! Join us on opening! Exp: 1000x Drop: 50% Max stats: 65k Points per Level: 5/7/7/7 Spots in ALL maps Balanced Gameplay and PvP Mu Helper from...
  2. L

    [AD] Eris Mu Grand Opening

    **IMPORTANT** The server will be officially open at the date of 1/07/2020 You may play and test our server before this date. Just keep in mind, all data will be deleted at the opening date. Grand Opening 1/7/2020 Hello everyone, We are happy to introduce you to ErisMu x1000 Server...
  3. U

    [AD] ORION-MU.NET x1000 Grand Opening 13 December 2019!

    ORION Season 4 PREMIUM The Server has PVP Balance (All Classes) Dear Mu-Online player, we are happy to inform you that a new International Mu-Online private server called ORION opens soon. Continent awaits you to be conquered! Below I will provide more information about the server to make it...