wrath of the lich king server

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    [AD] WarGods WoW ( Never seen a server like this )

    **WarGods WoW** is coming with a new Realm , a new way of fun ! **WarGods WoW** is a brand new 3.3.5 Fun Server, with a new System called **Paragon ( Diablo )** . You can levelup your powers with the Paragon System . There is no Level Cap, how many players and mobs / bosses you kill, thats how...
  2. OmegaWoWeu

    [AD] OmegaWoW - An in-depth look on our relaunch in January

    Hello friends - OmegaWoW is making a comeback; a damn fine comeback, ten years after its initial launch. We'll be launching on January 25th, but we've got a few things we need to go through first. GENERAL DETAILS: The server will be running on the good ol' 3.3.5a, with content being...