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  1. I

    [AD] Imperia-WoW New fun server instant level 100 and leveling 60-90

    Imperia-WoW Fun server Instant level 100 and second realm LvL60-90 Leveling FREE VIP 1 TO ALL NEW PLAYERS New systems implemented Ingame shop Cusotm races Custom Login screen Cross Faction BG Custom Transmogs of all expansions Transmogs made by me Custom maps autobalance anticheat...
  2. OmegaWoWeu

    [AD] OmegaWoW - An in-depth look on our relaunch in January

    Hello friends - OmegaWoW is making a comeback; a damn fine comeback, ten years after its initial launch. We'll be launching on January 25th, but we've got a few things we need to go through first. GENERAL DETAILS: The server will be running on the good ol' 3.3.5a, with content being...