season 1

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    [Req] DarksTeam MuServer 97d+99i source code

    2022 year, fckn c0vid (coronary artery disease), fckn WAR.. I know it's much time you spent and it's hard work to give away source codes but who knows how much days we have left?! There is soo many people looking for 0.97d+99i source code still in 2022 and i think DarkMaster have it.. Please...
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    [Help] Bay Muonline server season 1 full

    мне нужно, чтобы сервер был готов к запуску сезона 1 полный и веб-сайт telegram
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    [AD] MuPirata [ Exp: 2500x | Drop: 40% ]

    Version: 99c+CS Experiencia: 2500x Item drop: 40% Reset lvl: 400 (/reset) Borrar Stat/Inventario: NO Razas Equilibradas Maquina del Chaos: 70% hasta 90% (+10 a +13) Puntos Por Lvl: 5/7 Puntos máximos: 32767 Bles Bug: Off Anticheat Premium. Maquina del Chaos [PUB]: Item +10 - 100% de exito...