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    [AD] Hardcore MU | Play To Win | x1 | No Buffs | No item Shop| NO NO resets | 01/10/2019

    Hello Adventurer! Welcome to Hardcore MU. I hope you will join us on this epic adventure! What is this server and what is so special about it you ask? Well, let me first explain who we are and the reasons behind this server. We are a team of MU veterans that enjoy hard and old school servers...
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    [AD] GreatMuOnline [S6] [Exp 500x] [Limit reset] [NOWEBSHOP] [START 27.09.19]

    Preparations are in progress and this is time for your suggestions and feedback. If you would like to contribute greatmuonline please visit our testserver and discord. We also looking for gamemasters If you are interested please contact us via facebook. More information website...