mu online season 6

  1. C

    [AD] Ruin Mu Online Season 6 Webzen Style Normal Stats (No Reset/Rebirth)

    Ruin Mu Online Season 6 "Let Bring Back the OLD and Nostalgic times of Mu Online." Server Version Season 6 Episode3 [Ver 1.04E] No Reset [Original Stats] Webzen Default Experience 9999x Master Experience 9999x Drop 50% Chaos Mix Rates Webzen Default Max Game Client Per PC...
  2. entropymu

    [AD] 🚀EntropyMU🚀 29.03.2024 19:00 | S6 | 50x

    Im happy to announce our newest project - EntropyMU! Website: Discord: The server is based to Season 6 Episode 3 files. Our main objective is to keep the gameplay as close as we can to the original experience. There are of course few...