1. Deko

    [AD] delete please

  2. O

    [AD] x500 - 26.05.2023 OlimpMU - Season 6 - Exp: 500 - Drop: 30 (BONUS ITEM +9+L+ZEN , FENRIR) !

    Name: OlimpMU Version: Season 6 Domain: Forum/Discord: Location : France Maximum number of players: 5000 Anti DDoS: YES Experience: 500x Drop rate: 30% Registration: On the website and in the game WebShop: YES ViP System: YES Gold +20%...
  3. G

    [AD] GreatMuOnline [START 13.01.2023] [ S6E3] [ NO WEBSHOP]

    We are very happy to announce the next edition of GreatMuOnline! This is our fifteenth edition, thank you all for being with us and helping us create a beautiful story of GreatMu. Due to many suggestions we would like to explain to you the direction of GreatMu. Many of you certainly know the...
  4. Deko

    [AD] Delete thread please

  5. ghost7828

    [AD] Musouldark S6 Ep.3 Custom S17-2 Exp 99999x 200 Reset and No reset 40x Play to win Enjoy

    Languages: Portuguese - English - Espanol Register and download Hello everyone ,we are happy to invite you on muonline season 6 episode 3 part 17-2 server. you will be surprised to discover this style of game. don't forget to invite your friends. We have 2 versions of muonline (200 resets and...
  6. H

    [ARCHLORD] Calidus network [ MMROPG PORTAL ]

    INTRODUCTION WE ARE CALIDUS!In the beginning, i have to thank you for giving us a chance because you lose your time reading this. We came up with alot of thinking in 2012, our team investigated the private servers scene on that time and we came up with an popular MMORPG like Archlord, episode...
  7. F

    [AD] MuPhoenix Xenoverse

    Hi everyone! I'm Excited to share with you a UNIQUE brand new server with an amazing client and gameplay! The server is a very UNIQUE 97d99i based on the DarksTeam Server with lots of customisation to make it absolutely enjoyable!! Come to play with us on MuPhoenix Xenoverse...