low exp

  1. G

    [AD] GoldenAgeMU S6 EP3 100x [ Grand Opening - 10.28.2022 ] [UPDATED INFO - CS Prize Pool 500$]

    Grand Opening - 10.28.2022 - 21:00 Castle Siege Prize Poll - 500$ FIRST Castle Siege 11.27.2022 Site: https://goldenagemu.com/ Server Info: CLICK Full Server Info: CLICK Invite Friend In Server with Referal Link: Reward: 1100WCoinsC and Reward to Inveted Friend 600WCoinsC when do 5RR...
  2. dualiTy

    [AD] DemonicMU | Season 6 | 500x | CUSTOM | AUTO RESET

    Good news, as we all know the administration has worked hard to be a wholesome server, finally have installed premium Antihack and now can no longer worry about cheaters. We took the time to configure this server to give our players the best experience. The client is equipped with anti-cheat...