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    [Help] Server List Question

    As seen in the photo, how do we configure our server so can have similar list? Thanks.
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    [Help] 97d Item Hex

    Hi Guys, I'm new to editing items and I would like to understand how to get the correct item type / index of an item. Please check given example below. Many thanks. // 00000000CFD38C001301 [00][00][00][00CFD38C][00][1301]: Kris normal // 007F0000CFD3B17F2000 [00][7F][00][00CFD3B1][7F][2000]...
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    [Req] Old Psychic-Doom Files

    Hi guys! Can anyone help me find the good 'ol Psychic-doom files? Or maybe anyone here has it? The old link from RZ is dead. Thanks a bunch.
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    [Help] 2 Server 1 PC Possible for 97d+99i

    I want to create 2 servers in 1 PC for low and high exp but I would like to know your suggestions on how to do it. I know we will have conflict with ODBC and stuff database related but anyone here have tried it? Thanks for your input.
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    [Help] Multiple gameserver version in single server

    Hi guys! Is it possible to have multiple gameserver version e.g. 97D and Season X in the same windows server? I'm not referring to subserver but a complete different version of server. Thanks a lot for your suggestion.
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    [Req] Websites that supports DarksTeam 97d99i

    Hi guys, do you have any website which is compatible with 97D+99i? Similar to the one used by Mu Battlezone/spiritmu/olympusmu Thanks a lot.
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    [Release] [Req] Nude Set Skin

    Anyone here got this nude set? Thanks
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    [Req] Create Guild PHP Script

    I saw it a long time ago but forgot the name. Maybe someone here have a copy on how to create a guild in website using php? Many thanks.
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    [Req] MuEditor or MuMaker Compatible with DarksTeam 97d+99i

    @ALL, I'm looking for an Mu Editor or MuMaker or any edit that can edit character stats and inventoyr whish is also compatible with DarksTeam 97d+99i. Anyone have this kind of editor? I have ST MuEdit 2.1 but it's not fully compatible. Thanks a lot.