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  1. Milamber

    [AD] Faronnia MU Classic:Remastered | 100x | Grand Opening this Sunday 04.08.2019

    The Legendary MU Online server is back! 04.08.2019 - SUNDAY 12:00 GMT+1 MAIN WEBSITE : WIKI SITE : DISCORD COMMUNITY : CREATE NEW ACCOUNT : GAME DOWNLOAD :
  2. Milamber

    [AD] Faronnia MU Online:Remastered / Re-launching 01.08.2019

    The Legendary MU Online server is back! OFFICIAL WEBSITE |DISCORD COMMUNITY SERVER Behold, mutiziens! The ultimate MU Online private server for fans of the game has returned once again! Are you ready for a fresh, re-imagined and massively improved adventure in the continent of...
  3. Milamber

    [AD] Fresh Start 01.11.2018 - FaronniaMU S3 Ep1 Exp: 30 Drop: 50%

    NEW SERVER SINCE NOVEMBER 2018 HELP US POPULATE OUR NEW WORLD! Powered by Spirex MU Emulator, Liveguard Anticheat, and MuOnlineWebs. The team at Faronnia MU has been very busy the last few weeks fixing and re-configuring out MU Online private server. We are excited to announce that we are...
  4. Milamber

    [AD] FaronniaMu S3 Ep1 Exp: 300x Drop: 60%

    The ultimate classic MU Online server, version Season 3 Episode 1 NEW since April 2017 Remastered by the masters, with over 10 years of experience with MU Running on a dedicated server, planned for longterm, 24/7 Uptime NO LAGS Brought to you by Milamber, Karli, and the legendary MU coder...
  5. Milamber

    [AD] Blades Of Ateria | Gracia Epilogue | Mid-Rates | Longterm & Dedicated

    Main Website | Server Website | Server Forums Quick Notice NEW FRESH START FOR EVERYONE! BETA is now ended and the Official server launched 5th April 2010... The DataBase is new, clean and offers a fair, fresh start for everyone willing to join this fantastic, longterm server...
  6. Milamber

    [AD] Faronnia Myth MU Online | Longterm Dedicated|Lowrate Server

    Faronnia Myth MU Online - Launched in February 2009 ~ Dboyz Interactive 2009 ~ Introduction: Faronnia Myth MU Online started its development in February 2006 and finally launches its first Public BETA Version exactly 3 years later! Based on a medieval and fantasy theme with an ever...
  7. Milamber

    [Dev] Milamber's 'Library Of Wisdom' Project

    Library Of Wisdom By Milamber ------------ Preface ------------ I had this crazy idea (best of all is that its reasonably realistic). As I open my own MU Online based gaming server and as I start to become a bit more popular in the Music World,as I continue with my studies,as I build up...
  8. Milamber

    I am back

    MILAMBER - He's back! Hi people! Well its a long story: - I changed MSN Address - I lost forum link But I finally found it! I missed you guys - I see a lot of new members and threads,so good work everyone! I am working with my MU Online emulator server at the moment so I am quite busy,but I...
  9. Milamber

    [Release] Milamber's Texture Tiles (Maps)

    Texture Tiles [Maps] Brought to you by: - Kenny - Milamber So what is this about? Well I hope you guys will put these to good use - make me proud. There are 85 different tiles,map textures in there,all of correct shape. Format is Jpeg. what is this about??? :P hold on...
  10. Milamber

    [Guide] Equipment Configuration (Server+Client)

    [Guide by Milamber] Credits .[Darkthrone] - He discovered this years ago.Remember his name.You wouldn't be reading this guide if it wasn't for him. .[Milamber] - Testing it out and writing guide. Preface: Its simple to make so don't worry.Best of all is this guide will fully expalin how to...
  11. Milamber

    [Dev] Template BG for DarksWeb - Template

    Ok I am not much of a PHP coder but what do you think of this photoshoped image for a backround template? Think we should code the psd? Image: I can remove the text at the bottom and add something else. So..who's with me? :devil:
  12. Milamber

    1.02k Project (Idea)

    Project: Server+Client Version: 1.02k By DarkS This is more of an idea/suggestion for development than an actual development. 1 year ago this guy who called himself MuCoder decided to start working on a '100% bugless' 1.02k project. Typically..he gave up. The default 1.02k has a korean...
  13. Milamber

    [Release] City Of Heroes [Final Edition] (Lorencia)

    [City Of Heroes - Lorencia] [Credits] Gembrid PainSavior Milamber Caviar BoR (Editor) DragonMu (Editor) [Intro] This is just another example of how hard we have worked in the past to get to this point.The Mu Community is unlocking more and more secrets and I suggest we all get to work...
  14. Milamber

    [Signature] Milly Official DarksTeam

    Took me quite a while to make :chuckle: Check it out: Any suggestions?Blending?Brushes?Fade?Maybe text? Made with Photoshop CS2
  15. Milamber

    [Sig]DarksTeam [Mu Heroes]

    Made with: Photoshop CS2 Backround: Barracks Characters: DK , DW and FE Well..nothing too special but still is nice no? :mm: Well...enjoy it!
  16. Milamber

    [Release] Lorencia Skins Collection

    Here is a huge repack of Mu Online Lorencia Map Skins each posted with their title and screenhots.The download file is rather big as it contains about 10 different Lorencia skins along with 2 or 3 screenshots for each so that you don't have to test each skin to see what it looks like.The...