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    [Release] SCFMT 10.07.35 Cracked

    [/SIZE]v.10.07.35 . [Gens] Some members of the guild are taken several times FIXED . [Skills] Elf Buffs do not disappear when I add more than 1 minute FIXED . [CastleSiege] Less GSCS Optimized CPU, less RAM, . [Reset] Added support RF Resets . [BotVipShop] Opens Vip Shop with BotVipShop...
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    [AD] SignMu Season6 Exp: 5000x Drop: 80%

    [AD] SignMu | Season6 | Episode 1 | Exp5000x | Drop80x | 24/7 ============================================================= Server Links: DOWNLOAD OUR CLIENT HERE Account Registration SignMu Forum Page ============================================================= Main Server Settings...
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    [Help] Start with Full items

    Does someone has or SQL Job SQL Server Script to make like this: When to create new hero has normal stats, But Has to: - 2000 Points to add - 10 million Zen - To has a Full Set (example: If They create BK, Dragon Set +13 +28 + luck + DD + Ref + Wings Level 2) - Ext His character needs to...
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    [Help] How to set CS everyday

    is this possible? ever day cs? anyone know how set this? any guide pls thanks. happy new year to all.
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    [Help] Ancient item drops on Land of Trials

    how to enable ancient item drop on Land of Trials? im using SCF server files. 10.3.96
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    [Help] How To Fix This Summoner Quest

    after i bring the scroll of emperor there will be next quest right?but why i can't proceed my quest? i already have the requirements
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    [Help] Wings Visual Bug

    1. I have a Episode4 season5 Server Files (ENC Games Premium But I have Bug Wings Since a server to enter the wings are excellent if you put them but if you reconnect or change Prsonaje or Te salts and come back in and puff out wings: Elf Lvl 1 - Lvl 1 Mage .. changed the wings and take...
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    [Help] Need help with Land of Trials

    im the owner of the castle... but why i can't enter Castle Dungeon? how to fix this?
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    [AD] MuAcolytes S5 Exp: 3000x Drop: 80%

    MuAcolytes - Season 5 Episode 4 WebSite: MuAcolytes Download: Client Register: New Account Game Information: * Season 5 Episode 4 - HOT * Exp: 3000X - HOT * Drop: 80% * Keep stats after reset * 500 starting points * Scrolls, Orbs in shop - HOT * 1st Quest item in shop - HOT * Jewels in shop -...
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    [Help] How to put start items for new characters

    how to make an auto item giver that gave set and weapon on all new created accounts?
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    [Help] Events Timers in Web

    i just want to put the countdown timer of all the event available on the server? just like on this Website With Count down event
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    [Help] How To Setup SQL Server 2005

    hi can you help me?because i don't know how to setup sql server 2005 and i don't know how to add database there... i need a full guide from stalling into restoring database... im also a windows 7 ultimate user... sql server 2000 doesn't work on windows 7 that's why im looking for the someone who...