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  1. Angerfist

    [Req] Banner Заявка

    Здравейте искам да ви помоля да ми направите едно баннерче. да е .gif анимация и със размери 468x60 . Благодаря ви предварително. Text: HellRising Ex-702 Exp: 9999 New Items,New Maps,New Events,Wings level 4,Wings s8.1,New Jewels,VIP System, Market, Shop, Referal systems and...
  2. Angerfist

    [AD] HellRisingMu Ex702 Exp: 9999x Drop: 80%

    .:: HellRising Mu ::. ~ Version: Ex-702 ~ ~ Server is from: Bulgaria ~ ~ Easy Server Experience: 9999x ~ ~ Item drop: 80% ~ ~ Bless Bug : Off ~ ~ Monster HP: 0% ~ ~ Points per level: 5/6 ~ ~ Reset: From the site or ingame ~ ~ Reset cost: 15,000 000 zen ~ ~ Reset stats: Keep stats after reset. ~...
  3. Angerfist

    [Guide] How to setup Fortumo Mobile Payment

    Hello, I was using Paygol and I see that a lot of people uses it. It is a ripp off since they take a lot of what you gain! I started looking around and I found Fortumo! Not really sure, but I think its better! So I started making a Script for it! And here we go 1. Create an Account...
  4. Angerfist

    [AD] HellRising S4 Exp: 1000 Drop: 60%

    Website: HellRising Season 4 Episode 7 Information: .:: HellRising Mu Normal - PVP Server ::. ~ Version: Season 4 (Episode 7) ~ ~ Server is from: Bulgaria,Vratsa ~ ~ Experience: 1000x ~ ~ Item drop: 60% ~ ~ Bless Bug : Off ~ ~ Monster HP: 10% ~ ~ Points per level: 5/6 ~ ~ Reset: From the site...
  5. Angerfist

    [AD] VratzaMu 97d99i Exp: 9999x Drop: 100%

    .:: Server Information ::. -Name: Vratza Mu -Version: 97d+99i Classic -Experience: 9999x -Drop rate: 100% -Monster HP: 100% -Bless Bug: On -Points Per level: 5/6 -60 min exchange :10 Credits -Online Time Ranking evry week - Stone Ranking evry week - BloodCastle Ranking evry week i...
  6. Angerfist

    [Release] Main 99b + AntiHack

    Here are the hacks is stop // Catastrophe v0.1 // Catastrophe v0.1 // Catastrophe v1.2 // Catastrophe v1.2 // WPePro 0.9x // WPePro 0.9x // WPePro 1.3 // WPePro 1.3 // Speed Gear 5 // UoPilot // WildProxy v0.3 // WildProxy v0.3 // WildProxy v0.2 // WildProxy v0.2 // WildProxy v0.1 // WildProxy...
  7. Angerfist

    [Release] Working MuGuard Source

    Hello here is working MuGuard.. main file MuGaurd.cpp :: (leo123) #include "stdafx.h" #include "define.h" #include "cFile.h" #include "AntiHack.h" cFile MyFile; void ChangeSerial() { memset(&Main_Serial[0],0x00,16); // the max is 16 i think...
  8. Angerfist

    [Guide] Newly created Character with starting items [ SQL Query Script]

    Hello fellow Dark''s As i browse the forum, i don't see any post of this SQL script so I decided to release the SQL Script for newly created characters with starting items NOTE: This is only tested in MSSQL 2000 If you want to test this in to other SQL Server version USE IT IN YOUR...
  9. Angerfist

    [Release] Mu Ex700 server files on public beta files

    Words from the Author's post SmallHabbit Hello to all members of this forum! So here it comes, developement server public EX700. This is the first beta version of this miracle! Here is the list of things tested and working. Get in the game Select character Character creation delete...
  10. Angerfist

    [Release] PHP Inventory View

    Insert the following code in the <head> section of the page: Where path is the location of overlib.js; Insert the following code in <div> element: Special credits for the release goes to: - Mephisto e Savoy (DrakE Team) LINK : PHPInventoryView.rar download - 2shared
  11. Angerfist

    [Help] Ресет проблем 97д+99и

    здравейте имам проблем със ресет командата,ползвам файловете на дарка 97д+99и бета25 . Командата е настроена по следния начин; [ResetCommand] Enable = 1 // 1 - Enabled, 0 - Disabled MinLevel = 400 // Required level ZenFormula = 1 // 0 - Price, 1 - Resets * Price Price = 5000000 //...
  12. Angerfist

    [Help] Golden Archer 97d99i stone reward

    Здравейте увахаеми Даркове, Имате ли представа как мога да направя голден арчара като се постави стоне във него да дава еди си колко кредита за уебмагазина?
  13. Angerfist

    [Help] DarksTeam 97d99i /reset bug

    Hello darksteam friends I have a problem with /reset comand Heroes like MG and ELF cant use /reset command from the server only from website.. I use Darksteam 97d+99i beta 25 Server Files.
  14. Angerfist

    [AD] VratzaMu 97d99i Exp: 9999x Drop: 100%

    .:: Server Information ::. The grand opening will be on 31th of July, at 18:00 server time (UTC/GMT+3). (Evry new account start with: 500 Points, 10,000,000 Zen and 100 Credits) -Name: Vratza Mu -Version: 97d+99i +(Cool) Modifications -Experience: 9999x -Drop rate: 100% -Monster HP...
  15. Angerfist

    [Sell] Host/Давам Хост под наем

    Така хоста е с следните характеристики става за всичко: Mu Online,WoW,CS,Web Site. Общо взето става за всичко Характеристики: Рам Памет:2 ГБ Процесор:AMD Athlon(tm) 64 Processor 3200+ 1.99 ghz Видео Карта:64 mb Защита срещу Flood 24/7 Пълен Достъп до пц! OS: Според ваше предпочитание. Има...
  16. Angerfist

    [Release] BMDFIXER V5 - autofix BMD checksum

    coded / reversed, tested on current GMO client (S6 ep2 r ep3) Note: its dont bypass ResourceGuard, its simply fix Checksum of BMD file :( need reverse and check, how works ResourceGuard and Wtf is that beast Code:
  17. Angerfist

    [Release] Paymentwall Webshop Script

    learned a lot here on ******** and i decided to share my script Below you can see Paymentwall script designed for savoy webshop and some basic instructions... 1. Register on 2. Go to "Account Settings" -> Edit the details. 3. Go to "Payout Settings" -> Edit the details...
  18. Angerfist

    [Release] Auto Grand Reset made for MuWebShop

    This works with last savoy webshop (0.9 if i remember right) , also its made for MSSQL 2000, didnt test on 2k5/8 1. create column name GrandResets with default value (0) in table character, 2. create MSSQL Job which runs per 1-2 hours or more if u want. 3. mssql job config > use db...
  19. Angerfist

    [Release] MuOnline GameServer Emulator 97d in MySQL

    this is a little release to play with this GameServer You need edit the archive Configs.xml execute the Querys in the phpmyadmin open GameServer.exe and play with client 97d(97.04), and launch main.exe with launcher in Port 55901(default) Download Here: Emulador 97d.rar 08/10/2010...
  20. Angerfist

    [Release] Rage Fighter Items/Skills Shop Codes

    Heres the shop codes for Rage Fighter: Code: