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  1. FallenOne

    [AD] InsertMu S9 Exp: 99999x Drop: 99%

    » Quick Links: * Website: * Register: * Download: * Forum: Server Rates: Version: Season 9 FULL Experience: 9999999999999x Drops: MAXXX Bless...
  2. FallenOne

    MU Wallpaper ELF

    comments... credits WebZen and me (zebah).
  3. FallenOne

    [Help] [99b] edit player.bmd

    hi, i need edit animations from player.bmd, i decompress and get files .smd and .coords, but at the time of compressing them and testing it on the client, it seems that they were not replaced. i use client 99b, and pentium tools b1.9, i need reemplace or add 10 animations.smd
  4. FallenOne

    Mu Wallpaper #masterelf

    :D look detailssssss :D before and after thanks, and comment please :D!
  5. FallenOne

    [Template] LegendMU 2 [MUCORE]

    I bring a beautiful template (: Video Template LegendMU 2 [MUCORE] - YouTube Download: legend2.rar Credits dkarts -> design sebas flores -> adapt + psd :3
  6. FallenOne

    [Release] Leave/Delete Guild

    screen please
  7. FallenOne

    [Buy] MuOnline Web Design

    add me on skype: ivan.flores70
  8. FallenOne

    [Release] Mu Core Themplate By Quebec

    Good (i sebas flores xd), if they see the modules, open index.php -> search ¦ -> and replace for ,
  9. FallenOne

    accept me in skype (ivan.flores70)

    accept me in skype (ivan.flores70)
  10. FallenOne

    [Release] WebZen Old Template for MuCore

    DEMO: Webzen OLD Template [MUCORE] - YouTube Credits: DARYoi -> Help me with Adapt. Dkdexter -> Help me with Flash. Me -> finish full n_n Download: ​WebZen.rar How to edit FLASH Links. go to folder images_dir and open file jsMenuLinkFunction.js, and search URL's what dream edit,example: //...
  11. FallenOne

    [Release] DAGNw v0.1 DARKSTYLE

    look :s
  12. FallenOne

    [Release] DAGNw v0.1 DARKSTYLE

    @MeMoS now have this problem Warning: mysql_connect() [function.mysql-connect]: Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (10061) in C:\xamppp\htdocs\dg\MYSQL_config.php on line 14 Warning: mysql_select_db(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL-Link resource in...
  13. FallenOne

    [Release] DAGNw v0.1 DARKSTYLE

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function mssql_connect() in C:\xamppp\htdocs\g_config.php on line 14 :S
  14. FallenOne

    [Release] Premium Mutoolz 4-5 (Premium Edition)

    I had it without the ;, but still the same
  15. FallenOne

    [Release] Premium Mutoolz 4-5 (Premium Edition)

    i install all,and site look white :S
  16. FallenOne

    [Release] Old GrandeMu Website

    good, i working in new design for this web.
  17. FallenOne

    [Release] Linkos MU Online Website

    Yes work, only need go images_dir/jsBoardFunction.js and edit url's Original URL Nav top menu /images_dir/topNavi_main_100527.swf and remplaze for Affordable, easy to use Website builders
  18. FallenOne

    [Release] MuCore Templates

    new links: Luna MT2: Luna MT2.rar (Template Luna MT2 - YouTube) Webzen: WebZen.rar FuturX: FuturX.rar ( MU-V2: Template V2.rar (Template MU-V2 - YouTube)
  19. FallenOne

    [Release] Linkos MU Online Website

    mirror please :C