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    [Help] DarksTeam MuServer 0.99.60/62T (1.0M) Beta 13 [DB too much GB volume]

    And I am guessing if you don't want it to become this big again in a short period of time, you should skip the last part and use only this: ALTER DATABASE MuOnline SET RECOVERY SIMPLE; GO DBCC SHRINKFILE (MuOnline_Log, 1); GO
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    [Help] Item's color

    Нај вероqтно е от main.exe 🤔 пробвај с друг
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    [Release] Процедура за местене на герой в друк акаунт

    Ехееееееееееееееееееееееееееееееееееееееее 👀 RPO?
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    [Dev] NyxWeb MuOnline website in JavaScript

    Currently there is a new field in MEMB_INFO table (admin_lvl ) set it to anything else than 0 for your account and you should get admin access when you login in your account edit: You can't access the admin panel on the demo, because you can change a lot of things and people will take advantage...
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    Форумна игра

    ME! me win wat praiz? (mm) for all the haters: Yachac
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    .::[ 12 Години DarksTeam ]::.

    Happy Birthday DarksTeam! (party)
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    [Dev] NyxWeb MuOnline website in JavaScript

    This is an open source MuOnline website made with JavaScript Frontend with ReactJS and Redux in TypeScript Backend with Express in TypeScript The main idea behind this website is for it to support the official DarksTeam MuServer Files (up to season 3). Currently live at: If...
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    [Help] DarksTeam MuServer 97d+99i Beta 42 How to add Dark Lord?

    If you really have added a DarkLord to 97d (which I doubt :D) you need a newer client that supports it I guess like 99b (wasntme) But if you want DarkLord just use
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    [Help] Quest System 97d 99i

    Няма такава опция ако рескаш през играта. Ако рескаш през сайта може да се направи, но трябва да дадеш ресет файла/функцията си за сайта. Това което си дал е от играта (сървър файловете). С кой сайт си?
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    [Help] Quest System 97d 99i

    Дори ако си споделиш ресет файла може да ти помогнем. :)
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    [Help] How To...

    I have never seen people change items options to achieve balance in game. 🤔People usually change the stats per reset (website). But if you change so characters get more HP by items BK is gonna have even more of an advantage because BK gets most HP per stats point. So it makes no sense to me...
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    [Req] Stats for pvp bk

    Дали? 1v1 gogo
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    [AD] Mu BattleZone Rage 1.0M | Season 1 | Exp 10x | Max Resets 5 | Opening 31.01.2020

    Продава се в сайта ако не се лъжа за анти местене са 😬