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Default [AD] Aion AviaRa Exp: 150x Drop: 30x - 17-05-2011, 03:21

Hi everyone,
I want you all to introduce to a new AION server. The server DOESN'T HAVE any MAJOR BUGS and is working on some minor bugs to make the server bug free retail like. I hope all of you play the server.


* Exp: 150x (Premium: 5x, VIP: 10x)
* Drop: 30x (Premium: 5x, VIP: 10x)
* Quest: 200x (Premium: 2x, VIP: 5x)
* Kinah: 100x (Premium: 2x, VIP: 4x)
* Gathering: 100x (Premium: 2x, VIP: 4x)
* Crafting: 100x (Premium: 2x, VIP: 4x)
* Abyss points: 3x (Premium: 2x, VIP: 4x)
* Siege medal rate: 2x
* All items can be stored into warehouse.
* VIP members can trade untradeable items.

Server Informations:

* Supported Client PATCH: NA/EU
* 2.1.x
* Max level 55
* XP Rate: 150x!
* Drop Rate: 30x
* Quest XP Rate: 200x
* Gathering XP Rate: 100x
* Crafting XP Rate: 100x
* Retail-like mob spawns in every maps.
* Capture the Points/Fortress!
* Elyos/Asmodians Starter Pack!
* Unique Battleground System!

* Retail-like drops list for every mobs.
* 2nd class available!
* Abyss Available!
* All Instances Available!
* Dark Poeta Available.
* Color Dyes Available.
* PvP Available Everywhere!
* Rifts Available.
* Warehouse Available.
* Abyss Points!
* Legion system!
* Craft jobs
* Stigma System + Full Slots ON
* Balanced PvP!

Sets lvl 50 for the new players
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